15 Smart Laundry Cleaning Hacks you should be Aware of

    laundry cleaning hacks

    Among all kinds of weekly tasks, laundry is certainly the most hated one. When you read through all articles related to dirty cleaning, washing, dried, ironed, sorted or hung up, the laundry is something that just cannot be left out. Just because you are busy with your laundry works all the time does not mean your life will be miserable. Go through this post to know about some life-changing laundry hacks that will make this kind of work hassle-free for you so that you can do it in the smartest way.

    1. Keep your socks paired in a laundry bag

    Have you ever thought what happens to your socks? Well, you need not worry anymore as you will be able to keep a track of each single pair when stoning them in a laundry bag before throwing in the washing machine. After they are cleaned and dried, you can pair them together in a short time.

    2. Wash most of the things in cold water

    Most wash loads require using cold water to save money on energy costs. If you have got used to setting your washer to warm water, then try switching to cold option and see if there is some kind of difference. Great thanks to advanced technology of laundry detergent and modern washing machines so that you do not have to worry anymore about getting your fabrics damaged in anyway.

    3. Maintain track of items that cannot go inside the dryer

    You should note down somewhere about the items that do not go inside the dryer. This can actually help to avoid any accidental shrinkage to protect expensive clothes from further damage. When you want to ?find laundry near me? services, then search online to get the names of reputable laundry service providers in your area.

    4. Unshrink clothes by using baby shampoo

    Mistakenly, you have put your favorite sweater into the tiny. So, what?s the next thing to do? There is nothing to lose hope as you can unshrink clothes by filling the sink with warm water and then add some baby shampoo in it. Allow the item to soak for ten minutes and then drain the sink. After this, squeeze your garment to remove excess amount of water and then place the item on top of it. Gently stretch your sweater and lay it flat to dry completely. Your clothing will be of the right size once again.

    5. Use baby power to remove oil stains

    Oil stains can cause entire damage to your costly clothing. You can get rid of this unsightly oily spots by sprinkling baby powder directly onto the affected area and then allow it to soak overnight.

    6. Try vinegar than fabric softener

    Fabric softeners are made of harmful chemicals and you can soften clothes by pouring some vinegar in the washer with mild detergent. This is an inexpensive way to keep your clothes fresh and soft without using lots of chemical products.

    7. Take ice cubes to dewrinkle clothing

    You can try out adding some ice cubes to the dryer for your wrinkle clothes. The steam from these cubes will work in a natural way for releasing those wrinkles. Thus, you will not have to iron your clothes often.

    8. Deep clean lint trap by using paint stick

    Clogged dryer vents lead to home fires almost every year. You can lessen the risks by ensuring your dryer is completely lint-free by taking this additional step which goes much beyond scraping removable lint trap screen. If you want to clean lint trap properly, then wrap a paint stick in an old pillowcase to lessen the fire risk.

    9. Ditch your dryer sheets

    Dryer sheets are made of several chemicals that are linked to cancer. Rather than spending huge cash for such laundry additions, you can create your own static fighters by balling up aluminum foil and then adding it to the dryer load. It is quite effective, chemical-free, reusable and affordable.

    10.  Dry the clothes with a towel

    When you need to dry your clothes quickly, then add a dry and clean towel to the load for enjoying maximum drying within a short time.

    11.  Add tennis ball to beat the linens

    You can put some fluffy softness into the sheets, towels and comforter by adding up tennis balls to the load before putting it into the dryer. The movement of the balls will add softness and volume in a natural way.

    12.  Get rid of armpit stains with lemon juice and soda

    If there are yellow stains in the armpit, then you just cannot stay with them. Try to remove them soon with lemon juice or baking soda by applying directly onto the stain and create a paste to sprinkle over it. Allow the shirt to dry properly in the sun before washing for getting additional power.

    13. Sort out laundry piles instantly

    Rather than collecting dirty laundry in a single heap, you may think of investing in a divided laundry hamper and then sort out when shedding your clothes for the day. So, when you get ready to wash a load of whites, this will already be sorted and then ready to go.

    14. Take a flat iron to remove wrinkles

    If you do not get sufficient time to break out ironing board, then try smoothing out wrinkles with the help of flat iron. This is a great trick for your travel with limited appliance space in the bag.

    15. Store detergent in the soap dispensers

    Detergent bottles are inclined to some leakages and usually take up valuable space on top of your washer. You can mount clear soap dispensers to the wall and get access to the detergent whenever you require it. This will not make laundry a fun-filled experience but make it easier at the time of cleaning.

    If you are looking for ?laundry service near me?, then contact laundry professionals who provide such kind of services in your area. This will ensure your valuable clothes are cleaned properly and then returned to you safely.


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