Lathe Machine: Definitions, Components, Working Principle, Orientation And More About The Machine!

A lathe machine often gets used to shape metal or wood in the metalworking industry. To get the desired outcome a workpiece is rotated around a fixed cutting tool. This tool’s principal purpose is to remove unwanted material, leaving behind a perfectly shaped piece of work.

Many different types of lathe machines are available in the market, each of which gets designed for the respective material or processes.

Defining A Lathe Machine 

It is a kind of machinery that eliminates unwanted material from a spinning workpiece in the form of chips or granules. The lathe moves across the work and can be fed deep into the work.

What Consists Of A Lathe Machine?

The main Lathe machining tools consist of 

  • The bed
  • Tailstock 
  • Headstock
  • Spindles 
  • Toolrest 
  • Engine Motor    

The bed of the machine holds other parts to itself. It is the mother component of all as it forms the lathe base and determines the machine size. In conclusion, the maximal diameter limit depends on the distance between the bed and the spindle.  

The Orientation Of Lathe Machine Components

The headstock should be on the left and the tailstock on the right side of the instrument. If you see something entirely different, double-check that you aren’t on the other side of the lathe.

The bulk of the action takes place on the headstock. Also, the transmission of the motor power to the workpiece happens at this stage. You should be able to see the main spindle here as well since it serves a practical purpose in holding it.

There is a motor placed on the left, bottom, and near the headstock of the bed. The most common choice is an electric motor, however, a hydraulic motor may also get used in a lathe.

Lathe Machine: The Principle Of Operation

The operation of a lathe machine is simple, albeit it does need some fundamental understanding before use. Using a lathe is a synonym for understanding the phrase, ”between centres”. It is the understanding to position the job ( workpiece ) in between the headstock and tailstock. The operator must understand how the positioning is carried out.

However, for smaller operations, a smaller version of the lathe is suitable. The small lathe machines are easy to place by the spindle’s strength. As less force gets exerted by the cutting tool in this operating state, the facing operation gets completed more quickly. 

Adjusting The different Components 

You may modify the toolrest’s height and rotation, but you should only do it while the machine gets turned off for safety reasons. Ensure that the screw gets correctly tightened once it gets loosened for adjustment before moving on to the next step.

The tailstock, too, maybe adjusted and removed with ease. As with tool rest adjustments, you should never make these modifications while the lathe is operating.

The Many Applications Of The Lathe Machine 

Lathe Machines can produce products for different industries. Some of the products are – 

  • Nuts 
  • Piston 
  • Bolts 
  • Aircrafts 
  • Gun Barrels 
  • Electric motor parts 
  • Crankshaft 
  • Baseball bat 
  • Train parts and more 

Precautions To Take Before Using The Lathe Machine

Lathe Machine Suppliers In India suggest wearing a face shield or safety glasses with side guards if you work in a machine shop. Further, tie long hair and fold the long sleeves to avoid mishappening. It is advisable to always remove your gloves and rings before using a lathe as there is a high risk of these items getting caught in the machine. You will be in a dangerous scenario if any of these things get trapped in the bit or spindle.?

Ensure Double Checking Of The Machine 

Before you begin working with the lathe, double-check that everything is in its proper location. Make a note of everything that doesn’t feel right before you go. Anything that reads “Out of Service” is OK. Nobody should have to deal with problems that may get avoided had you done things differently.

Use Sharp Tools

Do not employ using dull lathe tools as they are not only inefficient but also dangerous. Hence, avoid their use. 

Turn Off The Power, Before Making Any Adjustments

You should never make any changes to the lathe while it is in operation. If you notice anything you want to relocate, you should wait until the lathe gets entirely shut off before doing so.

Similarly, if you need to do any maintenance on the lathe, you should turn off the power supply fully. 

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