The Brown Impact of Kraft on the Packaging Industry

kraft packaging

There are hundreds of thousands of retail products that are available in the market. Almost every single one of these products comes inside some type of packaging. That packaging can be made of any material, including cardboard, plastic, Kraft, and many other such types of packaging. 

Whichever form of packaging a brand may be using, the qualities expected from it remain the same. Those qualities are the safety of a product, a better presentation, and brand promotion. Packaging with all three of these qualities is excellent for any business.

Like its more customizable plastic and cardboard counterparts, Kraft boxes can also have all these qualities. It is a fact that the brown boxes are far less customizable because of the grainy unbleached surface, but the market does not seem to be affected by these shortcomings of the material. The reason is the fully eco-friendly nature of the packaging

Kraft packaging can be printed with various texts, patterns, and artwork, but the results are not as good as cardboard. However, you cannot get the various finishing options that you get with other card stock. 

The green nature of the material outweighs all the negatives of the material. To be honest, those are not even negatives but slight compromises that you have to make with the material. Kraft packaging has full-scale eco-friendliness as they have the following qualities:

Made of Eco-Friendly Materials

The list of nature-friendly qualities of Kraft starts with its making. The material is made of chemical pulp, but it can be made of up to 100% recycled materials. Therefore, this material may not require as much new treated pulp compared to other packaging materials.

Recyclable Nature

Kraft is made from recycled pulp and can be made again into boxes after the material goes through the process of recycling again. The material has higher recyclability as it does not involve plastic films and other such customizations. 

Reusable Packaging Solution 

Being a recyclable packaging material does not mean these boxes lack sturdiness or that they are not long-lasting enough. These boxes can be used for storing things or putting them in the attic as well, as they last longer. Other than direct reuse, there are many DIY activities you can do with these boxes. 

Biodegradable Nature

A very important quality of the Kraft material is that it is biodegradable. It means the material can become a part of nature after disposing of it. So, these boxes will not take forever like plastics to a breakdown which is great from the preservation of nature aspect. 

Options With Kraft Packaging Material

Kraft is a material, and it can be made into many different types of packaging boxes. Those boxes include Kraft pillow boxes, mailers, two-piece boxes, tray and sleeve boxes, hang tab boxes, and many others. In terms of packaging making, this material is an excellent replacement for cardboard with all the same making options.?

The sturdiness and durability aspects are there, and as for the presentation, you can give these boxes a rustic or vintage theme. Cigarette boxes and cigar boxes made of Kraft with minimum printing look very amazing. I have also seen other such product packaging as well, and they look stunning as well. 

It depends on your preference, but to many brands and me, the material is not boring at all. Besides, many companies that advocate the preservation of nature are switching to this material themselves. So, there is no harm if you switch to this material as well. 

From how the demands of the businesses towards more eco-friendly packaging solutions are increasing, it is expected that in the upcoming years, these boxes will become more common. So, this packaging definitely has potential, and the shifting perspective of people will make this particular more successful in the future. 


Of all the commercially available packaging solutions, Kraft is arguably the best. That is because of its many nature-friendly qualities. However, the eco-friendliness comes at the price of limited printing and finishing customizations. But the trend is shifting, and these boxes are making a huge impact. 

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