Everything You Need to Know About Sun Protective Clothing


Cancer rates are crossing the upper limit, with over 1.9 million diagnosed cases and 609,360 unavoidable deaths. It is disturbing that about 90% of the cases are due to extreme sun exposure on nonmelanoma skin, causing a hike in Basal cell carcinoma and other skin-related issues.

This has increased the demand for quality sun protective sleeves and apparel. Products such as a pair of quality?SParms Sun Sleeves?can promise over UPF 50+ protection from UV-A and UV-B rays and guarantee gel-cooling and breathability. They are flexible for athletic and non-athletic activities and can also be accessed in shawls, gloves, and other accessories. If you are bewildered about investing in them, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be familiarised with the nits and grits of sun-protective clothing so that you can make the right decision:

What Is Sun-protective Clothing?

Sunscreen is the highest complaint point if you are an active beach enthusiast or an athlete. Cotton, nylon, and polyester fabrics form over 90% of gym and swimming apparel, which holds an average ultraviolet protection factor of 5. This does anything but an excellent job of preventing UV rays from penetrating the clothing.

Sun protective sleeves are made of UPF or SPF barrier fabrics that are perfect for athletic activities and beach trips. They have a bulkier thread count, contributing to the pleasure-some comfort and element of luxury to your standard sleeves.


UV Protection

One of the primary benefits can be cited through the name- excellent solar resistance and protection. A significant advantage that sets apart this outstanding piece of apparel from standard SPF sunblock creams is that there is zero need for reapplication after every 2 hours. UV protective clothing will remain effective underwater, preventing harmful cancer diseases like Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

Internal Cooling

Don?t confuse UV protection for massive internal heat. Lightweight and professional sun protective sleeves like SParms Sun Sleeves utilise a gel-cooling mechanism that reduces body temperature to 2-7 degrees, so no more uncomfortable internal heat. They are certified by athletes, and they wick away moisture and give a perspiration-free feel.

Aesthetic Style

Who said you couldn?t get effectiveness and aesthetics in one product? Quality sun sleeve suppliers offer a plethora of colours and styles to choose from. You can get customised designs and prints on your sun sleeves if you hit the slot.

Tips to Follow When Choosing Protective Clothing

Reliable solar barrier sleeves are much more effective than standard fabrics due to their guaranteed 99.8% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays. But if you think it ends there, you couldn?t be more wrong. There are other factors to consider before making a crucial decision like this because this is a health-related investment, and you need optimised effectiveness. Here?s a brief rundown of helpful tips:

  • Always try to keep the clothing colours on the darker and brighter spectrum due to their high absorbent factors. Light clothing is ineffective in penetrating your skin.
  • Research the product for their UPF spectrum, and always opt for the highest material.
  • Opt for an all-purpose pair of sleeves to use daily.


Now that people have known all the essential information regarding such products, they must choose a reliable and reputed organisation that sells authentic protective clothes at an affordable range with exciting rewards, discounts, and easy return and pick-up policies.

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