Tips to Organise the Kitchen Corner Cabinet

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    Most of us find organising and reorganising the kitchen, as the most difficult. And since most of us prefer kitchens to be squeaky-clean, it has to be organised at the same time. Corner cabinets look great, are spacious, and help to sort out the kitchen. But how to start in the first place?

    There are Usually Two Types: Blind Corner Cabinets and L-Shaped Cabinets.

    Blind Corner Cabinets: Blind Corner Cabinets literally are cabinets where there are blind corners, which you can see but cannot reach. In such a cabinet, where the two axes meet, a deep, dead space is created.  

    A Blind corner is rectangular in shape and has one door. They are often difficult to be used, and are most effectively constructed with a slide out mechanism, something like that of a ?magic corner? or ?lazy Susan?.  The Lazy Susan is a type of round plate that sits at the bottom of the cabinet. Sometimes there are one, sometimes two, one on each shelf, but the concept is the same. Some people can also remove the back of the cabinet and fit in shelves, drawers and pull-out mechanisms.

    L-Shaped Cabinets: Have space in the corner of your kitchen wall, but unsure how to use it judiciously? Well, then L-Shaped cabinets are the right choice for you. These usually have bi-folding doors, with easy access.

    However, some people have in their homes, L shaped corner cabinets that were built for storage purposes when the modern-day cabinet designs weren?t available. But an L-shaped corner cabinet, at present, has a lazy Susan built-in, drawers, specially designed shelves and is manufactured with the most beneficial storage solutions in mind.

    L-shaped cabinets may also be built with space so that the house owner can plan and decide what to put in the cabinet. But the problem arises when we cannot decide what and how to store stuff in these cabinets, that too without any mess, for both types of cabinets mentioned above.

    Why should one have a Blind/L-Shaped Kitchen Cabinet?

    • One need not climb on to reach out to the Cabinet to avail your items.
    • It is way quicker and easier to find your kitchen accessories as and when required.
    • Probably the most important point for all those with a ?Monica Geller syndrome? (refer the American web series F.R.I.E.N.D.S). Cabinets help to keep the kitchen tidy and organised.
    • The storage space increases by about 50 per cent.

    Some tips that will help you organise Blind Corner and L-Shaped Cabinets

    • Choose wisely before stuffing your cabinet. You can put things that you use least in it. Or, keep the things least used at first, and then the ones that you use frequently.
    • List the things that you would like to store in the cabinet so that everything is not crammed into the corner. You can strike off on the list what all items you want to use, do not put it on the cabinet.
    • You can try putting in a ?magic corner? or ?lazy Susan? if you have a blind corner, this will make your job easier and help you access the cabinet more easily.
    • If your budget isn?t constricted, there are several selections that will make your job way easier. If the case is so, buy a pull-out lazy Susan, instead of a lazy Susan. It is regarded as the perfect optimiser and it allows the easiest accessibility of the unit.
    • Always remember, it is your home and it is always very important to consider what works best for you. Chalk out yourself how you want to work out with the space. You may be traditional, or rebellious, but at the end of the day all that matters is how you are utilising the space.
    • Light up your cabinet, since you cannot see every nook and corner of it. Battery operated lights that are self-adhesive are easily available in stores.
    • If you have L-shaped/ blind cabinets beds that are higher than your reach, use a step stool, or low ladders to help you reach them. You can also put designer glass-wear at the back of those shelves, to make it look decorative.
    • Do you know what is an amazing idea for bottom L shaped/blind corner cabinets? To make them into a recycle and garbage storage solution. Trash bins, waste bags or baskets are good items to place inside for other waste disposal needs.
    • Although there are plenty of storage solutions that are pricey, there are also DIY, cheap storage solutions. For example, you can get hold of a cereal box and snip it at the corners resembling a magazine holder. You can place plastic wraps, silver foils and other items in these. You can also place big pegs on your cabinets to hang items.

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