What Are The Top Tips To Keep The Audience Hooked On The Online Exhibitions?


An exhibition stand requires a lot of work and is looked upon as going the extra mile to introduce new ideas in the market. Interaction on the stand with the potential client is a great way to make them stay. In an online exhibition, a stand is not possible but planning and hosting an online exhibition is one part of the task.

The other is keeping the audience engaged in online exhibitions. There are a few tips that can serve the purpose and help in achieving the aim. This article is about the same topic and below are some of the major ways that help to keep the audience hooked.


?   Setting up a 3-dimensional virtual lobby

On an online conference platform, while planning an online exhibition, it is important to keep in mind that a fixed audience is difficult. To keep the audience engaged in the event, it should be ensured that they have a fulfilling experience.

The first attractive feature can be a 3d lobby whose interface would give a realistic touch to the event. The attendees may feel that they are attending an in-person exhibition and not just this, the interaction and personal networks can also be expanded.

?   Guide the attendees

Ensuring that the attendees stay hooked throughout the exhibition and guiding them throughout the exhibition. An understanding that the organizers can’t guide each attendee. Adding an agenda to the event through online meeting tools, like Mixhubb, makes things easier.

The platform can be assessed and a platform for the entire venue makes it easier for the attendees by sending the agenda. An itinerary describing the entire schedule of the event will help them learn and know more about the aspects. The attendees can also have enough time to research the topic.

?   Promote the product

A major objective of online exhibitions is to promote the service or product and the way of presenting it. Informative materials like pdfs, videos, and other graphics can provide extra information to the audience and help to understand the details of the product or service.

A link to the informative website will help to set up the authenticity of the product and boosts the chances of purchasing depending on the detail. This eventually helps to drive sales and make a profit.

?   Delivering compelling content

Even if the online presence is very prominent, the content that is delivered to the audience should be compelling. All of it should make sense when combined and the strategies and planning help to serve the purpose. The exhibition becomes worth attending and the attendees earn benefit from it.

Using an advanced online platform, plan and design the exhibition in a way that compels the attendees to stay till the end of the event. The plan and keynote sessions can be discussed and a few celebrities can also be invited. The presence of industry experts adds to the overall charm of the exhibition.

?   Boost the interaction at the booth

Organizers and audiences should find it easy to interact with each other even during an online event. Sometimes it might become awkward during the online exhibition but there are several interaction tools like virtual breakout rooms, matchmaking, and networking tables come to use.

One needs to ensure that in the case of the audience the engagement can be enhanced by live polls, surveys, and many other available features. It boosts two-way communication in an online event and makes the audience feel included in a typically technology-driven event.

?   Make the online exhibition entertaining

This is a very major tip to boost the audience’s presence and engagement in an online exhibition. Adding a dash of entertainment to the online exhibitions removes the formality among the audience and host. An entertainment-driven segment in the exhibition or set up some fun and interactive virtual booths.

If an event is not entertaining enough, then virtually certain additions can be made to it. Maybe the virtual booth ideas will not work that effectively and a bit of research may include ways of entertaining depending on the target audience. A clear understanding of the ideas that are to be used to keep the audience engaged throughout the event.

Building an audience is less tough in comparison to maintaining the audience.

?   Show the real deal

A taste of the real product or service to be offered can be given by simulated objects.  The informative cards show a segment of each part of the exhibition. The virtual booth becomes visually pleasing.

The staff can also be introduced and a glance at the work culture may inspire or motivate them to join the brand. The staff should also be allowed to interact with the audience.

?   Let the discussions be open

Virtually the exhibition can lead to a discussion among the audience and it gives them the best of both worlds. The convenience of staying at home and attending and the professional boost. Making people converse about the product or service is the best kind of marketing there is.

This is the best way to do it and it stays in the memory for longer. It makes the attendees feel that they are conversing in real time.

?   Takeaways from the event

Most of the people who indulged in the virtual event are present to learn about the products and services. They might want to explore or discuss their takeaways from the event and might want to save it for future purposes.


Whenever you plan to organize a virtual event, incorporate all of the above-mentioned tips. This will gamify the virtual booth, enhance interaction with the customers and improve the rate of participation. Background research is recommended to give the best content to the audience and satisfy their needs.

The networking sessions should also be started early on to keep the audience updated. Try to customize the follow-up sessions and follow the emails accordingly. The outreach should be enhanced and show them that the main aim is to satisfy their interests.

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