Book over 52 Services with a single tap on Jop Clone App

There are numerous services available in the market. From haircutting to babysitting, and even getting a pet-loving dog walker for your little poodle. Now think, what if you combine all these services under one category, the On-Demand Services, and offer them under one roof? Won?t that manifold your revenue opportunities? Surely it will! Jop Clone App is one App that offers something very similar. The cloned app provides over 52 On-Demand Services, a whole bunch of value-driven features, and an incredibly lucrative platform to earn million dollars!?


On Demand Service App is the middleman between the customer and service providers from 52+ niches! This dynamic digital platform connects customers with Electricians, Plumbers, Home Painters, Babysitters, Car Washers, Home Cleaning Experts, Maids, Academic Tutors, Doctors, and more.?

So if a registered user is booking a Service on this On-Demand App, then, first they will have to select the service they need, say, a plumber. Now, from the list of various subcategories, the user has to choose the exact service that they want, say, waste pipe leakage repair and minor fitting installation. 

The App screen will display all the nearby plumbers who offer the selected jobs. Users will now have to choose a suitable plumber based on their ratings and reviews. Jop Clone App will then connect the user and the provider as soon as the user confirms the job request by selecting the payment method.?

Ain?t that easy? So, what happens next when the user sends the job request? 

The service provider responds to the request

Only the selected service provider receives the job request notification with a countdown screen. It is on this screen that they get the Accept or Decline options. The provider can see the job details too while picking one of the two options. 

Start chatting?

Once the service provider accepts the job request, they can start a conversation with the User. They can now initiate a voice call or messaging via In-App Calling or In-App Chatting feature, respectively. The two features of the On Demand Service App eliminate the need of sharing personal information such as personal phone numbers.

Track the Job Location and Progress?

The Service Provider as well as the user can track the job progress via the App only. The Provider can view and track the Service Location via the integrated Map on the App and the User on the other hand can see the current location of the Provider and see their Estimated Time of Arrival.  

After the provider reaches the Service Location, both of them can track the progress of the ongoing job on the timeline. 

Complete the Payment ??

Once the job is done and the Service Provider taps on the Collect Payment Option, a screen will appear asking about the Additional Charges. So, if the user asks the plumber to fit a US$10 bathroom fitting instead of a US$4.75 one, then the Jop Clone App Service Provider can add this cost under Material Fee.?

The user now has to pay the previous subtotal plus the added material fee to the Service Provider. So, if it?s a cash payment, the amount has to be handed over to the provider. Or, if it?s online payment via credit card, then, the final total will automatically get deducted from the User?s Credit Card! 


The workflow of the Jop Clone App is simple. Even a non-technical person can book the service from the Clone Mobile Application. The App doesn?t only have a convenient service booking system, but an array of user-centric features such as Face Mask Verification, Safety Checklist,? In-App Wallet Integration, and more.?