6 Types of Jewelry Repair Services That Are Expected in Jewelry Stores

jewelry repair services

Every jewelry store has a section that offers a few curricular facilities like cleaning, resizing, repair, customization, jewelry repair services, and many others. These are cumulatively known as jewelry services. These are equally important because the jewelry might have been bought once, but resizing, repairing, and maintenance are required to be done multiple times. In this guest blog, we will give you details of the common services you can easily find in the stores.

Seven Common Jewelry Repair Services Near Me

If your jewelry has succumbed to damage or has become shabby, you can visit the store you purchased it from. Stores of all magnitudes have introduced this service since it has become convenient for both the consumer and the jeweler. Without further ado, let us tell you the six facilities every store provides for its consumers.

● Inspection And Jewelry Cleaning Service

One of the most popular services is polishing the ornament to return its original shine and glow. The jewelry cleaning service is done with the assistance of ionic, ultrasonic, and steam cleaners. In addition, a wide variety of polishing clothes, cleaning solutions, and solvents. In case it is required, they also offer to inspect your piece for any damage or repair.

● Customizing Designs

This is the most demanding service of all. With everyone wanting to wear unique products, the customization rate has increased considerably. Most renowned stores offer an entire consultation to manufacturing service to their customers. This facility includes consulting with professionals to select the design for your jewelry to rectify the product.

● Pearl Restringing

Apart from jewelry cleaning service, such stores can also help with your torn pearl accessory. The fibers that hold the pearls together in jewelry deteriorate over time and use. Hence, if you see the slightest sign of frailty or weariness in the string, seek professional help before it escalates. Also, the pearls are cleaned in the restringing process, and the clasp is strengthened to elongate its longevity. 

● Remounting

This can be subdivided into repairing. If you are dealing with any worn-out or old jewelry you want to redesign to cater to contemporary fashion, you can avail yourself of the remounting services. They conduct a thorough examination and help you design the new mounting that will fit perfectly with your preference.

● Ring Resizing Service

The most common client demand is the ring resizing service, which is far more popular than repair or cleaning. You can either opt for permanently reducing or enlarging the ring. Also, these stores give you options for semi-permanent ring sizing, like ring guards, speed bumps, etc. Each ring size has its property and thus needs to be treated accordingly. Hence, customers are requested to bring their pieces for a primary inspection. This will help them develop the correct technique to approach the resizing.

● General Repairs

Besides these specific services like ring resizing service, they also offer very common jewelry facilities. The jewelry is put under critical scrutiny with the help of high-powered microscopes to accurately detect damage like broken prongs, fallen stones, malfunctioning hinges, etc., each time. The common services provided are ring soldering, Rhodium plating, jewelry tumbling, emergency stone removal, Stone setting, Prone Re-tipping, Chain repairing, shortening and elongating, earring back replacement, etc.

Wrapping Up

These are the common Jewelry Repair Services that almost every store offers. The more high-end a store is, the more repair services they offer. However, always check the authenticity of the store. This will be helpful when claiming a warranty, etc. Also, choosing inexpensive shops will compromise quality; hence, reputed stores like Hudson-Poole will be able to offer the best services.