Jewelry Display Ideas To Catch The Eye

The kind of display determines the number of jewelry pieces to sell. Wrong displays for a particular kind of jewelry compromise emphasizing the fine details of your pieces. The rule of thumb is to use displays constructed to optimize light shining through. This gives potential customers spectacular views of your intricate pieces. There are various options when it comes to jewelry displays for a retail store.

Features of jewelry displays?

Some glass displays made of glass have sliding doors with a lock to prevent customers from checking the pieces unassisted. Additionally, display cases with casters allow rolling smoothly to any position in your interior that gives customers a better view. A jewelry store owner knows that proper positioning is key to generating sales. 

Ideas for jewelry displays that catch the eye

Floral patterns evoke romance 

The most significant reason people buy jewelry is to gift a loved one. It might be a wedding, engagement, anniversary, or Valentine?s Day gift. The way displays highlight romance for couples should have floral patterns. Flowers symbolize freshness and nature to make them wonderful props for jewelry for couples. The rule of thumb is to choose colors matching the jewelry display for a beautiful setup. 

Material matters 

You have to mind about the material of jewelry displays boxes to match your gems. This is very important because each texture and fabric offers a unique vibe. The rule of thumb is to choose display box material to mate your motif. For nature-inspired jewelry, burlap and wooden displays work well for their earthy feel. High-end gems require careful matching with silk and velvet fabrics to appeal to the right class of customers. 

Create visual interest 

Visual messages are very important, especially for jewelry stores. Opening up your mind and being creative is key to generating more sales. You have to organize and present your pieces to shoppers. A good idea is to display the pieces on a tabletop with different height variations. Apart from enhancing the display, it creates immense visual interest. Varying the heights of some display accessories eliminates dullness and adds charm to the pieces on display. Having some jewelry pieces high or low makes them stand out and enticing to customers. 

Use props

The first idea when for jewelry displays that catches the customer?s eye is to use props. It is always very important to put yourself in the customer?s shoes. Doing so allows figuring out the style and aesthetics that appeal to them. However, you have to understand that tastes change over time. And, each gender has a unique taste. 

Therefore, you must adapt how you display jewelry in your store to match particular customers. Older shoppers are more sophisticated and are attracted to elegant and regal displays. Alternatively, young shoppers opt for a bold color or anything depicting current youth culture.

Mind color selection

Choice of color for your jewelry collections is very important. Particular colors are associated with certain moods and meanings. Therefore, your choice of color hue should attract shoppers to view your display. A set of blue themes offers a calm and cool feeling. If you prefer bright colors, opt for gold and red props on your jewelry displays. 

Determining the ideal color requires getting into the shopper?s mind and thinking about what they are likely to pick from your collection. This will give you green light on the display concept to revolve around. Make sure to stick to not more than three colors that complement each other. 

Add mirrors

When a customer sees a piece of jewelry that catches their fancy, they are more likely to see how it looks on them. So, a mirror is an essential accessory when displaying jewelry. Trying on a piece of jewelry in the mirror increases the chances of buying.  When buying earrings, ladies usually hold them close to the ears to see how they match with their eyes, hair, or skin color. This also happens when buying necklaces. Looking in the mirror allows determining whether it will be long or short in their neck.

According to psychology, trying out a piece of jewelry in front of the mirror makes someone believe it is partially theirs. So, that person is more likely to end up buying that piece. So, placing mirrors across your jewelry store also makes your displays look more attractive.  

Mix high-end with regular pieces 

You have special pieces that always excite shoppers. So, you should highlight these eye-catches. However, place them in a secure display case. Don?t put all of them on a single display to generate more sales. This is because buyers of high-end items will buy them regardless of where you place them. Placing high-end pieces together with basic items at a lower price is a smart idea. There?s a chance of average customers noticing a beautiful and like it regardless of the premium price. 

Jewelry displays can make or break a jewelry store. Follow the ideas highlighted above to invest in appropriate jewelry displays that will catch the customer?s eye. 


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