Is Tutopia learning app for WBBSE?

The recent shift in the strategies to impart education has made it mandatory to attend online classes. The scenario is no different for students of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education or WBBSE. However, the grim reality is that it is difficult to bear the exorbitant expenses of online education during these times of turmoil.

Tutopia learning app has emerged as a beacon of hope for the students attending WBBSE online class at present. This futuristic learning app has quickly earned the reputation of being the best educational app for the West Bengal Board students of classes 7 to 10.

How is Tutopia learning app making a difference for the WBBSE students?

WBBSE online class

Tutopia learning app has now become a household name. It has brought world-class digital education to students dwelling in the most far flung areas of West Bengal. Myriads of WBBSE students have chosen Tutopia learning app for WB board because of its amazingly affordable fees and its unique and effective method of imparting education. The following list will make it clear why Tutopia learning app is unlike any other:

? ? Students of class 7 of the WB Board can easily find chapter-wise video tutorials, notes, practice lessons and test facilities for all the subjects at the Tutopia learning app.

? ?The WBBSE students of Class 8 can gain access to engaging tutorials, vivid video classes that cover each and every chapter, downloadable notes, vast practice lessons and regular test facility on all subjects.

? ?Tutopia learning app offers class 9 students of the WB Board with learning materials for serious preparation. The thorough chapter-wise video tutorials, detailed notes, vivid practice lessons and time bound test facility for all the subjects help each student.

The class X students of WB board are offered with the recently updated syllabus. Lucid video tutorials on each chapter of every subject, important notes in PDF format, comprehensive practice lessons and time bound test facility for each subject of the upcoming board examination proves invaluable.

How does Tutopia learning app impart education?

Tutopia learning app is not a random learning app. The team of experienced teachers and ace technical professionals have come together to create this app. This affordable app was created to assist WBBSE students from all sections of the society.

1.    Tutopia learning app has popularly introduced the concept of video classes for WBBSE students. Tutopia learning app has brought superior quality and easily understandable video classes for students of classes 7 to 10. These video tutorials cover all the subjects included in the curriculum. Each chapter is taught by experienced teachers.

a.     It is the first ever tutorial app in Bangla

b.    The syllabus is in tune with the West Bengal Board curriculum

2.    Tutopia learning app includes practice sessions that cover all the chapters of each subject.

a.     The practice sessions are in Multiple Choice Questions format

b.    Every correct answer is provided with vivid explanation

c.     The correct answer with an explanation pop-up after two consecutive incorrect answers.

3.    Tutopia learning app offers chapter wise notes. This helps in understanding and analysing the chapters.

a.     The notes are relevant to the current board curriculum.

b.    The notes are in PDF format.

4.    Tutopia learning app offers chances to sit for preparatory tests. These tests help students overcome exam fears and help in better preparation.

a.     The test papers are in MCQ format.

b.    Each test is time based

c.     The tests assist in self-assessment

To conclude, the 3D graphics used in Tutopia learning app make studying easy and enjoyable for WBBSE students. These unique features make the Tutopia learning app fascinating.