Is BBA in sports management good?

BBA in Sports Management

Did you watch the 1996 Tom Cruise movie ?Jerry Maguire?? If yes, then probably you would have an idea about how a career in the sports industry can be.

It?s a field full of excitement, thrill, unpredictability as well as challenges.

If you are a sports enthusiast or have a love towards any kind of sports in general, a career in this industry can end up being very fulfilling for you.

Here are 5 things that you can expect if you are a part of the sports industry-

The Growing Numbers

The global sports market is estimated to be more than $ 440 billion. The Indian sports industry alone stands at Rs 91 billion.

BBA in Sports Management

In 2020, the sports  ad revenue stood at Rs 8,000 crores. Football?s global revenue is 28 billion per year and the size of the market for cricket is all set to hit more than $ 363 million by the year of 2026.

All these numbers clearly predict that the sports industry is here to stay and is going to only show upward trends in the coming years.

This growth will pave ways for more employment opportunities in the sector and skilled professionals with specialized academic backgrounds in sports management will be in demand.

Opportunity to Travel

A career in the sports industry will also pave the way for you to travel across the world. Be ready to witness the biggest sports event of the world that are celebrated globally in different parts of the globe.

It will allow you to not only be a part of memorable games but also travel around legendary cities and countries. Additionally, you may happen to meet your favorite sports stars too!

Flexible Job Profiles

A BBA in Sports Management can actually give you the opportunity to do a lot of things. You want to become an agent for players? This degree will help you. You want to become a spokesperson or PR Manager of any team? This degree will help you doing that too. You want to become an event manager arranging sports festivals? This degree will work there too!

Fitness Mantra

If you stay with fit people, you will have the urge to stay fit too. A sports management degree will not only make you learn the tricks of the trade in sports but also will push you to know the games and practice.

You may even have the urge even while working within the industry. This way you can actually guarantee a good fitness regime for yourself.

If you love sports, you will always try to be fit.

Following Your Passion

BBA in Sports Management allows you to stay close to the sports even if you are someone who wanted to play but could not play for some reason. You can stay closer to your favorite sports in the ways of managing it and also draw great advantages.

There are some great sports management courses  in West Bengal under MAKAUT that provide great exposure to the sports industry during the tenure of the degree program to the students. Go through those and choose the best one for you.

Don?t forget to follow your passion in life. You will surely achieve success like ?Jerry Maguire? did!

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