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Landing your dream job is not always easy as the interview process becomes a challenging part for many. An interview is where you give your first impression and thus it is important and challenging at the same time. However, if you view it from a different perspective then the interview is just a conversation between two individuals about settling a deal, which is your employment. Thus, in an interview, your aim should be to sell yourself in front of the interviewer. The most basic thing one needs to have for a successful interview is confidence, then comes the skill sets, and lastly body language. At Learn English Love English we provide interview skills training classes in Kolkata, designed to bring out your confidence and enhance your skill sets and body language. Check out this blog to learn more about various aspects of interview skill training and how it can be helpful.

How to stay confident during the interview

In our interview preparation training classes in Kolkata, we train our students to appear confident through a series of practice scenarios, and other different activities such as role-playing, making videos of mock interviews, and many other activities. However, before practical implementations, we also share some pro tips to stay confident such as:

Breathe to overcome anxieties: Taking deep breaths before entering the interview room can help reduce anxieties or any kind of negativities. Try to recall and organize your thoughts within the process.    

Control fidgeting: Do not fidget, it is a clear sign of nervousness. Avoid leg shaking, table taping, or touching your hair too much.

Make eye contact:  Maintain decent eye contact, and answer questions by looking into the eye of the interviewer as it shows that you are confident.  

Talk in control: Try to talk slowly, do not answer as if you are in a hurry to leave. You can also take a little pause to organize all your thoughts before answering. You should remember the aim is not to answer fast but rather give the right answer.

Stay positive: Do not engage yourself with unnecessary negative thoughts before your interview. Staying positive is the key to appearing confident, so do not stress yourself with negative thoughts.

What skill sets are required for a successful interview

From our experience in providing the best interview preparation classes in Kolkata, we prioritize these four skills more than other skills for a successful interview:

  1. Communication skills- This is the most important skill that you should develop as an employer these days prioritise these skills more than technical skills. This is because oftentimes employees have to deal with clients or even coordinate with other departments for which good communication skills are required.
  2. Organizational skills- The interviewer often asks indirect questions to judge how organized you are. Thus, developing organizational skills is important for a successful interview because the interviewer can give some real-life situations and ask you for solutions in an attempt to judge your organizational skills.
  3. Time management- Considering the work pressure in the modern corporate world every individual should have good time management skills to stay out of mental stress and enjoy a good work-life balance. Interviewer often asks indirect questions giving certain situation to test your time management skills.
  4. Emotional intelligence- This is also a good skill to have if you want to maintain a good relationship within your corporate circles. This deals with understanding and caring for others’ emotional well-being and responding or reacting accordingly. The interviewer often asks indirect questions outside your technical knowledge to test your handling of certain situations you might face in the future

The ideal body language and appearance for an interview

In our interview preparation training classes in Kolkata, we guide our students on how to maintain proper body language and appearance for an interview. As mentioned earlier interview is the first impression of yourself in front of your employer, so your body language and appearance will also be a factor upon which your personality will be judged. Check out some of the pro tips on how to maintain perfect body language and appearance:

  • Wear clean and pressed clothes and polished shoes. Dress formally and try to groom yourself in the washroom before sitting for the interview.
  • Enter the room subtly and always take permission before entering. Do not sit until you are told to sit, make a firm handshake and ample eye contact. Do not forget to smile while greeting.
  • Sit in the correct position, try to sit straight by leaning a little bit forward, and keep both feet flat, do not cross your legs.
  • Control your hands and avoid fidgeting rather try to listen to what the interviewer has to say and respond accordingly

I hope this blog has been a real help for job seekers to get an idea about how one can get success in interviews if the correct method is being followed. At Learn English Love English, the best interview preparation training institution in Kolkata, we train our students by allowing them to take part in numerous situations which can help them become confident for their interview. To learn more about our courses you can check our website, or you can contact us. Enroll yourself with the best interview preparation classes in Kolkata and get ready to land your dream job.

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