An Informative Guide to The Types of Skin Serums

Person Holding Brown Spray Bottle

While cleansing and moisturizing are the basics to your skin care routine, using a serum can really help bring out the best of your skin. A serum is a treatment that effectively delivers active ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants and acids into your skin. It comes in the form of a thin liquid that helps sink into your skin quickly. There are different types of serums that have been designed for different skin types.

Here are some of the different types of serums that can be used:

Hydrating serums

This type of serum is good for all skin types. It helps your skin by adding an extra layer of moisture underneath those face creams and makeup. Do a thorough search in order to find the best face serum Australia instead of purchasing one at random.?

Antioxidant serums

The antioxidant serum is useful in providing protection for your skin against aging. Just like the hydrating serum, the antioxidant serum is also ideal for all skin types. However, make sure you check the key ingredients used such as L-ascorbic acid if you have sensitive skin or skin that is prone to acne.

Brightening serums

These serums are used to even out your skin tone and fade out dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Some brightening serums include ingredients that provide a brightening or glowing effect to your skin. This serum is best for individuals who have dull skin, dark spots or hyperpigmentation.

Resurfacing serums

Also known as retexturing serums. These serums act as a leave-on exfoliator. The resurfacing serum helps dissolve dead skin cell build up and result in smoother skin. As they are milder than acid toners, these can be used on sensitive skin as well. While it works on all skin types, those who have more sensitive skin should stick to lactic acid as a key ingredient. 

Clarifying serums

This is a blemish-clearing serum that helps treat breakouts while also preventing future breakouts as well. This also helps reduce excess oil on your skin. They usually contain ingredients that also help reduce inflammation and redness. This serum is ideal for breakouts, clogged pores as well as oily skin.

Pore-minimizing serums

This serum is best for skin containing large pores or clogged pores. Pores become large if they are congested or have been stretched out. The pore-minimizing serum helps reduce the largeness of your pores. It also useful in clearing out ?orange peel? textured skin. 

Calming serums

Just like the name suggests, calming serums help soothe sensitive skin and reduce inflammation and redness of the skin. It also helps make your skin more resilient by strengthening the skin barrier. As they help soothe the skin, they are best suited for sensitive skin.

Now that you have an idea on some of the main types of serums out there, you can decide on which is best for your skin type. Serums are very effective as they deeply penetrate the skin and absorb into the skin quickly as well. You can choose one that is intended for a specific skin concern or you could pick out a formula that is universally beneficial.