Key Influencer Marketing Facts that You Need to Know

    influencer marketing facts

    Needless to say, social media has become an integrated part of our lives and influencer marketing has exploded. Millions of consumers trust influencers and turn to them for advice and recommendations on purchasing decisions.

    Social media has given a great opportunity to normal people as they can build their ever-increasing increasing brand through stimulating content and engagement. People believe that these new influencers are more relatable than celebrities. Since the huge traffic on social media keeps on increasing every day, companies have begun to realize they can leverage these platforms for marketing.

    A lot of social media marketing has been overtaken by influencer marketing and is now spread across multiple mediums.

    Confluencr, an influencer marketing agency has made its way through to connect any brand/company with influencers who can market them through influencer marketing campaigns.

    People’s interest in influencer marketing has only raised, which means a lot of research has been conducted which has produced interesting statistics. So, don’t you want to have a glance at the most eye-popping results of these studies? Well of course you do.

    Here are some surprising facts about influencer marketing for you.

    Teens Follow Advice from Influencers than Celebrities

    The words of a celebrity are not as valuable as they used to be. Customers these days seem to have lost trust in the brand and the Traditional Celebrities have also lost the influence that they once had. Influencers possess the power to forge strong ties with their fans and experience a more dedicated and engaged audience that can gain 3 times the views, 12 times as many comments, and almost twice as many actions as compared to the videos that are uploaded by Traditional Celebrities.

    Consumers these days trust their peers and social media influencers more than anything else. So, we can say that now the powers are shifted into the hands of Social Media Influencers.

    Influencer Marketing has become the Fastest Growing Online Acquisition Method

    An ever-increasing number of brands are bouncing on the Influencer Marketing Train. It has become more important for the brands to build a relationship with the Influencers who can resonate with your respective brand, likewise, it has also become very important to create such campaigns that are aligned with the values of the Influencer?s following.

     Experts say that Influencer Marketing has proved to be the most cost-effective method to obtain a new customer base.

    Significant Brands are wanting to Increase Spend on Influencer Marketing

    Influencer Marketing has produced some amazing results over the years and the different brands have come to realize this fact. It has had such an impact on the brands that it is increasing the will to spend on Instagram Influencing by 67%.

    67% of the brands are planning to increase their spend on influencer marketing in the next 12 months, particularly on Instagram.

    The increase in the spending will not only help in boosting brand awareness and expanding the reach of the audience and improving brand advocacy but also it is becoming a fast key channel for a lot of marketers.

    Influencer Marketing has Surpassed Print Marketing

    The returns on the investment in Influencer Marketing is outpacing every traditional medium by a fair margin. What we mean by this is that the various brands are undergoing a transitional phase in the ways of spending their respective budgets.

    Brands are giving away the budget of inefficient and expensive ad buys that are found in the newspaper and magazines to Influencer Marketing as they see greater potential to succeed in terms of expansion of reach and effectiveness.

    Facebook is still the most influential Social Media Network

    Facebook currently has 2 Billion monthly users across the entire world. With 19% of purchasing decisions being influenced by this platform; it has become the most influential social media platform as a media channel.

    Other brands are trying their best to catch up with the giant but Facebook denies leaving its top spot whatsoever. Instagram however is that one platform that is rapidly growing and will possess certain danger to that top spot of Facebook page like in times to come. Whichever the social media platform it is very crucial to stay active and engage with different influencers to maintain your marketing campaigns and aligned goals.

    YouTube is hot on Facebook?s Heels

    With Facebook being the alpha dog, YouTube is just behind in the race of being the most influential social media platform with 18% of Marketing influence. The best part about YouTube is that it has helped normal people to become influencers and celebrities with a framework that is open to all age groups and genders and other demographics.

    YouTube has something for everybody and thus Marketers are taking note of this and are investing hefty amounts in Influencer Marketing on the same platform.

    Last Words

    It?s never too late to start working and developing your skills as an influencer marketer and to help your brand to scale new growths. These facts ought to keep you in the game and process of more efficient Influencer marketing that you can use to expand your reach, spread brand awareness, and the other demographics of achieving success for your associated firm.

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