Tips to Improve Your Customer Care Through Chatbot

Chatbot for Hotel

With the rise of generative AI, paradigms have shifted in the hospitality industry as well. From content creation to customer service, AI is transforming everything.

Smart chatbots are at the forefront of this transformation. Now, you can use them for revenue management, sales support, and even concierge assistance. Customer care and service is another avenue that has also been transformed through AI chatbots. From answering customer queries to handling requests in 100 languages, a chatbot can do it all. 

So, without further do, let’s dive into how you can improve your customer service through chatbots.

1.  Improves Your Customer Support Through 24/7 Service

Whether during the booking confirmation or during your stay at the hotel, a guest can reach out to you at any time of the day. For most hotels, this can be problematic, especially if the query comes during the night. A chatbot can help you improve your guests’ experience here, by answering their queries 24/7 throughout the day.

Since most chatbots have generative AI-enabled in them, all of their answers come based on real-time data and interaction with the user.

So, in some cases, their resolutions can even be better than human operators, which are prone to miscommunication and misundertandings caused by ambiguity and language barriers.

2. Personalized Communication

As we said above, personalized commuication is a significant aspect of effective customer service, and chatbots pass this with flying colors.

Since the chatbots are intelligent, they adapt to the language, tonality, and information provided by guests and interact with them accordingly.

You wouldn’t want to deal with a guest who’s irritated the same way you’d deal with someone who’s looking for quick information, right? It’s the same when dealing with them digitally. Unlike rule-based chatbots, this is where a generative AI-based chatbot performs the best.

They also take past information about the guests into account–their demographics and psychographics–and then interact with guests to give me the best experience. As you probably guessed, a digital chatbot can provide superior customer service in most cases.    

3. Give Multi-Lingual Language Support

Dealing with your guests as per their background is vital. This is where multi-lingual support can boost your customer care ratings. While many guests are fluent in more than one language in the 21st century, most of them still prefer to interact in their native tongues.

A hotel chatbot can help you here. All you have to do is train the chatbot on the language model you’d like to support, and that will be it–the chatbot will then interact as per the language.

From the booking confirmation to the point of check-in and check-out, you can improve everything about your customer care through the chatbot in this manner. For example, if you get a guest who’s more fluent in a language no one knows, a chatbot can be used to solve almost all queries like check-in, confirmation, complaints, and so on.

4. All Your Data in a Single Place

Most chatbot solutions like Brance offer a clear-cut way to maintain your records. They integrate all your data from multiple channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, into a central repository.

This complete bird’s view of all your guest interactions can then be used–by both you and the chatbot–to make future decisions in your marketing and customer communication efforts.

Remember: To do well in customer care, you first have to know your customers. An all-in-one integration tool will help you out here, effectively improving your communication across all channels.

5. Digitized Menu to Improve UI

Most chatbots come with a fully optimized digital menu, which can make navigating all the options a breeze. As a result, your customers shouldn’t have to spend time thinking about what to click or what some particular instruction does.

As a famous designer once said, don’t make me think. Luckily, plenty of chatbot applications out there do well in this. With plenty of buttons and neatly categorized menus, most customers shouldn’t face any difficulty in navigating their way around the chatbot.

So, adapt a generative AI chatbot, and you, too, can improve your customer service and care without any hiccups.

Boosting Your Customer Care and Service Through Chatbots 

Smart chatbots have become an essential part of every hotel marketing strategy. Remember: there’s no replacement here; the chatbot is here to augment your hotel business, of adapted well.

We just laid down some of the best tips to improve your customer service with the help of chatbots. While it’s in no way exhaustive, as new uses and tricks will come up as AI advances continue, the tips we have listed are enough to make or break your marketing strategy.