Important Tips to Pass the FE Civil Exam By Civil Engineering Academy

Do you want to take your career as an engineer in the United States to the next level? Then you must aim for the PE license. Earning a professional engineer?s license is a long testing process for which passing the FE civil exam  & PE civil exam is a must. For many engineers, even with good grades in school and engineering college, passing the FE and the PE exam seems like a daunting task.

A common reason why many candidates face trouble with these exams is the lack of effectiveness in their preparation. Yes, the FE exam is tough and tests your abilities a little more than any other competitive exam, but a lack of awareness has also been an issue with many engineers. If you have recently registered for the exam and want to clear it at any cost, you need to first strengthen your FE exam prep.

FE civil exam

Although for someone who is taking the FE civil exam for the first time and has less knowledge about it, it is hard to plan out. In this case, it is ideal you seek advice and help from experienced professionals like us.

Here we have some of the most important tips that will guide you and help pass the FE Civil exam.

  • Register for the Exam Smartly

The preparation for the FE Civil exam starts with registering for it at the right time. Many engineers don?t realize it but you must also be careful about when you are going to give the exam. Make sure you never apply for the test if you have a major family event or any other plan coming up. Otherwise, the chances of you being distracted and not being able to focus on the prep become pretty high.

When you decide to take the FE exam, check your calendar and free up ample time for studying. You should also check that the date of the exam isn?t on a day you have some other unavoidable commitments as well. Remember that you need around 3 to 4 months easily to prepare for the FE exam. So, apply as per the amount of time you can dedicate to the preparation.

  • Buy the FE Reference Handbook

The FE reference handbook is a vital element of your FE exam preparation. Without it, your preparation is incomplete regardless of how much you have studied. The FE Reference handbook consists of everything you need to know about the exam. From the question types to the exam pattern, and more, you will find everything you need in this handbook.

This is also the only reference material you are allowed to take with you to the exam hall. So, after you have registered, your first step should be to buy all the necessary study materials including the Reference handbook. You can easily find the latest version of the handbook on the NCEES official website.

  • Enroll in a FE Review Course

The next and another crucial tip is to enroll in a PE review course online. You can prepare as much as you want to on your own, but with a review course, you have a higher chance of preparing more effectively. Besides, there are so many quality course providers available online where you can study under the guidance of industry experts.

While looking for a course to join, make sure you consider a few key factors. Check for the qualification of the course provider, what additional resources they offer, course prices, timings, and whether or not they have FE practice tests along with the course. Do not randomly go for the first course you find online. Take your time and then decide.

  • Solve as Many Practice Tests as Possible

After you have completed the course on time, ideally, you might start with the revision straightaway. But we suggest, once you are done with the course, start solving practice exams instead of revising everything again. Working on practice papers is a perfect way to revise since it allows you to test your knowledge and more.

When you solve a practice paper, set a timer for it, and try to complete it within the given time as you will have to during the actual exam. It will let you understand how to pace yourself for the exam and manage time. Practice papers are brutally honest about the knowledge gaps that you don?t even realize you have and help fill these gaps before the main exam.

  • Go About the Preparation as per a Plan

Create a study plan right after you register for the FE Civil exam and prepare according to it. The plan must contain a set time for studying as well as relaxation. Calculate the number of hours you need to dedicate till the exam day and divide the hours for each day. Make sure you complete the course well before the exam so that you leave enough time for practice papers and revision.

When you don?t follow a plan for your FE civil exam preparation, you are risking having major gaps in your prep and also not completing the course on time. If you have joined a FE course, you can schedule your study time around it so that you can make the most of your learning.

How to Choose a FE Review Course Provider?

  • Knowledge and Experience: The first thing to check when choosing a FE course provider is their qualification and experience. They must be experienced engineers who have the right understanding of the course and can effectively guide you as well.

  • Course Prices: The second most important thing is the costs. Before you choose a course, list out your options and compare their prices. Then pick the one that offers ample resources and genuine services at a reasonable price.

  • Conclusion

The given tips to pass the FE exam are among the most valuable tips you will find. We are Civil Engineering Academy, a FE and PE course and practice exams provider online. Our goal is to guide your preparation for the FE Civil exam in the right direction. Connect with our expert educators today and let the preparation begin.


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