Explain The Important Things About Montessori Preschool

    Explain The Important Things About Montessori Preschool

    Are you a parent seeking to place your child in a preschool facility? Have you heard about Montessori school? This approach of learning is gaining polarity among parents who want the best for their children. Finding the best educational program for a child is the primary goal of every parent. Early learning experiences lay the foundation for a child?s future learning. The quality of this learning will directly influence a child?s development in subsequent years. 

    The Montessori Method has a long history of success in shaping and nurturing children to be productive students. Many schools are embracing this style of teaching to develop knowledgeable and capable students. For instance, the Montessori School of Tokyo uses the Global Montessori Plus programme that offers excellent teaching practices for preschoolers. Through this approach, the school integrates the traditional theory with contemporary teaching styles to provide unique opportunities for the development of its students. 

    What makes the Montessori school special? 

    When you tour a Montessori school, you will experience that ah-ha moment. The beauty and simplicity of this teaching approach will amaze you. The following are aspects that make a Montessori school stand out from other preschools:

    1. A free learning environment

    When you enter the Montessori classroom environment, you will notice the freedom of learning that children enjoy. There are different activity stations, and children decide the activities they want to engage in and choose their own learning materials. Learning is self-directed. The kids move freely and interact with others, collaboratively and peacefully. 

    1. Happy and excited children 

    In such a school, teachers allow children to engage in activities that excite them. Since they work on their terms and pace with no interruptions, they engage in tasks for the joy they derive and not for the outcome. Such a set up spurs curiosity and imagination, which makes learning a joyous experience for the children. In Tokyo, Montessori schools believe that play is an integral part of a child?s development. Children choose what to play, whom to play with and how to play. You will always find such children happy and excited. 

    1. Orderly and neat classrooms

    Montessori classrooms are not like any other typical classrooms. Teachers arrive in good time and set everything in place. Children have been guided to learn and interact with each other peacefully. Every child engages in their activities peacefully. When they are satisfied with their tasks, they return the materials and arrange them on the shelves neatly before moving to another work cycle. You will not encounter the noise and chaos that is common in daycares.  

    1. Teachers attending to individual students 

    When you enter this classroom setup, you will be surprised that no teacher stands at the front to give lectures. The primary focus is on students. Teachers move around and guide the children in their learning activities. They understand that each child is unique and has different abilities. They direct learning according to the speed and capability of a child as opposed to group learning.  

    1. Inclusive of all types of students 

    This is perhaps the most distinctive attribute of an international school: a multi-age classroom setup. The classrooms have children of different ages, an element that gives them exclusive learning opportunities that cannot be found in any other preschool facility. Younger children observe and learn from older children. They examine how their older counterparts interact with their peers and teachers, as well as how they engage in learning activities. On the other hand, older children also get a chance to mentor younger children as they practice leadership skills.  

    Why choose Montessori?

    It is the kind of education that champions change and prepare a child to face the future world. It provides children with a free environment to imagine and explore. This gives them the ability to innovate and create, rather than be fixed in a box. Since the Montessori methodology allows children to follow their interests, it gives them opportunities to unleash their passions and be happy in their learning. Its emphasis on the whole student helps children to grow intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.  

    Since the approach molds children to be disciplined and independent individuals, it builds resilience in children and helps them to remain strong amid challenges. Children who transition from Montessori preschools come out fully prepared and well equipped to embrace formal schooling with ease. You will not have to worry about your child having a hard time adapting to learning. 

    All the above features make Montessori a special type of school. When you place your child in any of the Montessori preschools in Tokyo, you are sure that they will receive a good foundation for their education. They will be taught by well-trained and qualified teachers who will attend to their individual needs. Your child will grow not only intellectually but as an all-round person able to face any challenge in future learning.?

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