Important Terms To Know Before Taking Mortgage

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Looking forward to buying a home this year? Well, it is possible even without having the full amount. A mortgage allows becoming a homeowner after just paying part of the purchase price. You just have to be with a down payment and a lender will cover the rest. A mortgage is a loan to help you purchase a home. This is a legal contract you make with the lender specifying details regarding your loan secured on the property. You have to respect the conditions of the mortgage including paying on time and keeping the property in good condition.?

Important terms you should know before getting a mortgage 

Collateral and standard charges

A charge is a registered amount that can be more than the actual mortgage. It allows borrowing more funds apart from your original mortgage in the future. This helps you avoid paying fees for discharging the mortgage and registering a new one. You just have to pay including interest on the money you borrowed. 

A collateral charge mortgage allows securing various loans with a lender including a line of credit and mortgage. The standard charge just secures your mortgage. You can?t secure other loans that you might have with the lender including a line of credit. The standard charge registers your actual mortgage amount. 


After your search for the best mortgage broker near me, you have to understand what you?re getting into. This involves knowing some important terms including the cashback despite being an option for some mortgages. The cashback reimburses part of the mortgage amount right away in cash. This helps you pay for items you need before getting into your new home such as legal fees.?

Keep in mind that a mortgage with cashback has a higher interest rate. Additionally, the lender might put a limit on the cashback such as not using it as part of the down payment. The lender might request payment of some or all of the cashback. This can happen when you break the mortgage contract before it ends. 

Title insurance

The lender might request title insurance as a condition for the mortgage contract. This defines ownership of land. On buying a home, its title transfers to you. Title insurance keeps you and the lender safe from losses resulting from property ownership or title. It is essential to limit the chances of title fraud that might happen when the title of the property is stolen. The fraudster might attempt to sell the home or get a mortgage using the title. 

Two types of insurance protect you and the lender. The homeowner title insurance keeps you safe throughout the ownership of the property even without a mortgage. Alternatively, a lender?s title insurance protects the lender until you complete paying the loan. Getting title insurance requires incurring a premium depending on the property value. Fortunately, you don?t have a time limit in which to get title insurance. 


Home Equity Lines Of Credit (HELOC) is a secure form of credit where the lender uses the home as security for the money you?re borrowing. Many big financial institutions offer this form of credit with a mortgage sometimes known as readvanceable mortgage. The HELOC is revolving credit allowing you to borrow, payback, and then borrow again until you reach your maximum credit limit.?

Look forward to servicing a combination of a fixed-term mortgage and a HELOC. Fortunately, there are no fixed amounts for repayment when you get this form of credit. The leader usually requires paying interest on the amount you use. 

Other forms of optional insurance 

To have peace of mind, you should consider other forms of insurance options including illness, disability, and life insurance before getting a mortgage. Keep in mind that these are an option and depend on the mortgage. Getting additional insurance will come in handy to clear your mortgage repayments or pay off the mortgage balance during situations including:

  • Becoming disabled or injured
  • Losing your job
  • Becoming critically ill
  • Passing on 

The lender might request optional insurance when you apply for a mortgage. However, insurance is not a prerequisite to get a mortgage. Some lenders include the cost of the optional insurance to the mortgage repayment. It is very important to understand the coverage limit you?re getting. The rule of thumb is to ask questions to ensure that you understand what you?re getting into.

Wrapping up

If getting your own home is among your resolutions for 2021, it is not too late. The pandemic had disastrous effects on the economy. However, you can still achieve your dream of owning a home as long as you have a down payment. You just have to find a reliable agency to guide you on the best mortgage to match your needs. As long as you keep the above important terms at the back of your head as you go through the whole process.