8 Important Hints you Need a Website Redesign

website redesign

Today, every other business is online, with its website on the go. But does just having a website make users navigate and generate sales? Well, if you have a website, the design of the website plays a crucial role. Why So? To create a better user experience. The best user experience, in turn, defines the customer’s journey on your website that is most conducive to converting visitors into leads for business success.

So, if your website is not generating the amount of traffic you are expecting, there may be a need to work on the website redesign.

Redesigning a website has a positive impact on a company’s KPIs and ROI. When good web design enhances the customer experience, businesses see an average increase of 83  in their key parameter indicators.

8 hints: your website needs a redesign. Let’s have a look.

1. Your Websites Seems Uneasy to Navigate

Your site’s navigation is a basic component of its success. It allows visitors to be informed of where they are and shows them where to navigate.

If a user on your website feels disconnected at any level, this can lead to confusion, and as a result, they quit your website. This frequently prompts a decrease in sales and returning visitors, along with an increase in dissatisfied users, which also leads to a high bounce rate.

Fortunately, with proper planning and an easy user experience design that lets users navigate without any hassles, any visitor will be able to access your website with a great experience.

2. The website is Not Responsive

Make sure your website has a responsive interface; if your website doesn’t have responsiveness to mobile, redesigning a website is something you must look for.

If your website is not responsive, there is a possibility that search engine rankings will decrease dramatically. An unresponsive website adjusts as per different-sized screens and viewports.

If you want to check your site’s responsiveness and mobile friendliness, Google provides a testing tool that examines your website in seconds.

3. Your Website Needs New Functionality

As your business organization develops and evolves, you may require extra features to keep your business developing. New incorporations can help with marketing campaigns, social media, and SEO.

Adding new functionality permits you to make the site experience better for your clients and your business. Remember your business objectives when you start to conceptualize your web redesign objectives and make certain to consolidate new functionality requirements to help achieve those goals.

4. Your website is Facing Security Issues

Web security is one of the last things numerous business owners think about when contemplating whether now is the right time to redesign their website. Numerous sites hold important data about their clients, making it crucial to guarantee that your site is as secure as could be expected.

Older sites might pose security risks since they are not updated with the most recent coding guidelines and security patches. A site update could be your ideal choice if security is your major concern.

5. Competitors Having Better Web Presence

Keeping an eye on your competitive websites is advisable, especially when your potential customers are likely to interact with them. More often than not, users interact with an online platform before making a shopping decision for a product or service.

If their website is easier to navigate and better optimized, you could end up losing your website traffic and conversion, which means losing potential customers.

Therefore, analyzing a competitor’s website is another key factor in deciding whether or not user experience design is required.

6. Your Website Loads Slowly

The speed at which your site burdens can essentially affect your business. Late examinations have shown that around 40% of online searchers will leave a site that requires over three seconds to stack. This can influence client experience and site changes. Furthermore, slow load times will adversely affect web index rankings.

It is a decent practice to test your page load times yearly, in any event, to guarantee there are no issues for portable guests. It’s recommended to use Google’s Lighthouse Tool to test your site’s speed.

7. The Website has a Bad User Experience

User experience (UX) is fundamental to building a fruitful website. To provide an incredible user experience design, you should let the user experience easy navigation, engaging content, relevant call-to-action, visually pleasing layouts, and up-to-the-mark design elements.

The Google page experience update delivered in mid-2021 gave refreshed measurements to assist with passing judgment on a user experience termed Core Web Vitals.

8. Your website is not SEO Friendly

At the point when your site isn’t positioning well on search engines, it’s bad for business. This could show an issue with your site and the absence of website improvement. Your site ought to be your most remarkable promoting apparatus, so assuming that your indexed lists are not exactly wanted, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to redo your site.

To be certain that your SEO issues are website-related, and in addition to the absence of legitimate improvement, it could be a decent practice to have an SEO audit covered for your site.

At Solvios Technology, our digital marketing professionals can review your website and let you know what SEO-based actions and strategies are required to increase search engine rankings.

Final Words

There is no doubt that a great website design that attracts visitors improves the overall user experience, boosts revenue, and lowers the bounce rate. If you are looking to redesign your website to improve your business performance and profit potential, Solvios Technology is a web design company that offers a professional yet responsive design that performs well and stands out from your competitors.