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DIC Oil Tools is a Supplier and Exporter of Thread Protectors in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. These protectors are made acc. to ISO and API specifications. All our products are tested numerous times under technical guidance and are made from the best quality material. We can also provide custom-designed equipment as per customer requirements. The DIC team is dedicated to understanding customer’s needs to provide exceptional services and the best solutions. We provide the best quality products at the most competitive price & on-time delivery.

Purpose of Thread Protectors

Thread protectors are normally manufactured from plastic and steel. It can be applied to the pipe manually and by machine. DIC Thread protectors are used repeatedly in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes during transportation and storage to the oil and gas industry. Metal thread protectors are cleaned and reused. Other than plastic thread protectors are often collected, reused, or recycled.

Importance of Thread Protectors

Thread Protectors is important and valuable to use drill pipe protectors when installing drill pipes, as the use of these simple protectors can save time or money on oil and gas industry jobs. DIC Thread protectors protect the threads located at the end of drill pipes during storage and transportation. They save them clean from dust or vermin that turn up during transit or storage. They are generally made of plastic or steel. The use of thread protectors significantly minimizes the incidence of downtime or delays at the installation site or ensures that your process is running smoothly and safely.

Two types of drill pipe protectors: pin and box protectors. Thoroughly put the box protectors screw into the box, and the pin protectors screw over the top of the pin. The thread protector’s manufacturers supply these products, and both the API and Premium lines are carried by DIC. These products are known for their quality or durability, and meet industry standards.

In this industry where time or safety is of utmost importance, these small products can make the difference between success and failure. Purchase these today to bypass pitfalls and dangerous situations and ensure that your job site offers a smooth or safe process. Take a appear at our excellent drill pipe protectors.

Features of Thread protectors:

• It is made from HDPE plastic. It is more durable.

• These Protectors can be reused depending on the condition.

• They protect the threads of tubing, casing, or drill pipes from damage during transportation and storage.

• It can be made as EUE, NUE, REG, FH, PAC, PH6 PIN/BOX, STC, LTC, BTC, REG, IF, FH, H90, XT, HT, GPDS threads, or connections.

• Protectors are available in various sizes from 2-3/8″ to 20″.

• Any special sizes can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

• It is easy to install or suitable for all threads, hence flexible in operation.

• These protectors are widely used in Oil and Gas industries for cost efficiency and safety purposes.

• It comes in various sizes are colors. It is made from different kinds of materials, including plastic or steel.