Top 8 Tips to Pick the Ideal Center/Coffee Table for Your Living Room

Center and coffee tables are the final piece of the puzzle you need to consider when choosing the ideal furniture for your living room. It is not possible to tie up the entire decor of the living room without a center of a coffee table. However, finding the ideal center or coffee for your living room is not easy. 

You need to consider many considerations to find the ideal fit for your living room. But once you find the ideal one, it will undoubtedly contribute to tying the entire decor together. So here are eight tips to help you pick the ideal center or coffee table for your living room.

1. Decide On The Shape

Center and coffee tables are available in many shapes, designs, and sizes. So it is recommended you start with planning a layout of the living room and give some deep thought to the shape of the table. Of course, the shape has to match the overall layout of the space; otherwise, it might not tie-up. 

Other furniture in the living room also plays a key role. For example, if you have an L-shaped lounge or rectangular sofa, it is better to go with a rectangular table. This ensures that people sitting on the sofa can reach the food.    

2. Determine Your Budget

There is no shortage of alternatives for choosing the center and side table for living room. Different tables come in varying ranges of price where; some are available at affordable prices, while others might seem a little over the budget for many. Therefore, to simplify this decision, it is better to decide on a budget beforehand.?

The overall budget will be consumed mainly by more prominent pieces of furniture and decorative aspects of the room. Thus, it would not be challenging to increase your center coffee table budget. Besides, this is a decorative aspect that will tie the entire room together. So make sure not to compromise quality to save on your budget. 

3. Select An Ideal Style

The style of your center or coffee table is another important aspect you need to focus on. The market offers center and coffee tables in many different styles: vintage, modern, contemporary, formal, traditional, and informal. If you are not sure about the style, you should use the decorating scheme as a guide. 

Since this table will be the center of attraction in your living room, you should go with the existing textures, colors, materials, and patterns in the room. For example, suppose you have a traditional living room; you must go with a wooden table that features an elegant design.      

4. Size Of The Center Or Coffee Table

Now that you have a clear idea about the center or coffee table’s budget, shape, and style, you should think about its size. Always remember the size of the table must be proportionate to the living room and other aspects of the room. For example, your table should not be lower than one or two inches from the sofa seat. 

Besides that, you need to ensure that it is not two-thirds the size of the most significant sitting piece in the living room. Maintaining two-foot clearance around every side of the table is another imperative factor you need to keep in mind. Finally, save enough space for placing daily objects such as newspapers, laptops, coffee mugs, etc.  

5. Functionality Of Your Center or Coffee Table

The other factor you need to keep in mind here is picking a table that does not just offer aesthetic appeal but also functionality. Of course, you need the table to enhance the decorative aspect of the room, but that does not mean you should compromise on practicality. Many vendors will also allow you to customize the table to suit your requirements.

You must pick a center or coffee table that can easily hold plates of snacks and drinks. Too much congestion on the table can often result in spilling drinks; experts suggest going with tables that come with rough surfaces and burdened edges. 

6. Scale Of The Table

When it comes to the styling of your center or coffee tables, the scale plays a key role. This is because the size and visual weight of the objects are more important than one might think. In addition, your table must be ideally fitted to the proportion of the sofa to ensure your living room does give an awkward vibe. 

Overall, you need to maintain your distance from the center and coffee tables beyond the sofa. However, if you have slim sofas, it can always be a good idea to go with striking tables. This will help ground the space in case you have a large room. 

7. Ideal Grouping Of The Tables

Who said you could only use just one table in your living room? In most cases, it can always be a good idea to mix and match the tables to enhance the entire appeal and design of the living room. For instance, you can always try adding a trendy side table just to give your living room a distinct appeal and style to the living room. 

Besides that, you can even use a couple of garden stools and place them beside the sofa. These stools are available in different shapes and colors, so finding the ideal one will not challenge.  

8. Color Of The Center Or Coffee Table

The final thing you need to keep in mind is the color of the table. You need not put much effort into this front, but simply ensuring the color complements the rest of the living room can go a long way. Evaluate the color of your sofa and couch cushions to match the coffee table optimally. 

Final Thoughts

These are some of the essential tips you need to keep in mind when shopping for a center or coffee table for your living room. So keep these tips in mind to make this decision easier for you and get the best fit for your home.