How Your Business Can Benefit from Mass SMS Messaging

More and more companies are turning to SMS marketing to boost their business. Not only is it a low-cost platform, but it?s also highly effective, generating a response rate of 98%. Here?s how you can use mass SMS messaging to drive customer loyalty and grow your business.

Simple and Easy

SMS is a simple and direct way to communicate with people. Everyone can read and send text messages, so it?s an easy way to converse with anyone nearby. Messages are concise, limited to 160 characters, so they are short and sweet.

The short length of SMS messages can be an advantage. Because messages are so short, you don’t have to worry about getting into a long text message conversation. This is particularly useful when you are on the go and want to get in touch with someone quickly.

Because of the brevity of text messages, you can get away with using a lot fewer words. You don?t have to use your full vocabulary or sound like an English major to convey your point. You can use the fact that text messages are short and sweet.

Using text messaging is also convenient because it is fast. Since there is no typing involved, the time it takes to send a message can be extremely short compared to the time it takes to type out a message. To start creating your SMS campaign, you?ll need to check out and settle for an SMS API price that is generally affordable. You then proceed to set up a provider. Once you?ve set up your provider, you can send messages using their tools or code.

Global Marketing

Text messaging offers several advantages. It?s an inexpensive marketing avenue since text

messages are sent over the cellular network without a special short code or toll-free number. Text messages are also immediate, so you can send them out and be sure they will be read right away. Unlike email, you can send a text message from any computer or phone, so it?s easy to send out mass messages at any time of day.


Mobile phones don?t come with spam filters, let alone spam boxes. The main reason is that

mobile phone SMS messages are generally safer than email and can deliver all kinds of shady

attachments. Plus, delivery occurs within 48 hours to allow for phones to be switched off or out

of the range of a signal.

The difference with email is that there are spam filters that both service providers and users use.

They can be on-site or off-site, and they work by checking emails against lists of known spam

messages, notifying the user if a match is found. 

Tracking and Analytics

Analytics are crucial for most firms. The KPIs you focus on will be determined by the type of

business you operate. There are, however, a few critical measures that practically every company should be tracking.

These include:

  • Conversions: Look at how many customers purchase or complete another activity after interacting with your SMS marketing campaign.
  • Revenue: Compare revenue for the same period in previous years to determine if your SMS campaigns have affected sales.
  • Clicks: Track how many customers click a link in your SMS campaign.
  • Opt-ins: This is how many people opt-in to receive more information from you.


Because SMS is a very personal message, people will respond more personally. A mobile phone is a personal device that allows individuals to respond quickly to you. By sending it directly, you may make it even more personal. This will pique their interest.

Another great thing about SMS is that it is a medium where you can quickly get in touch with

customers and ask them questions or even send them a quick note.

When someone receives an SMS message from your business, they know that it?s from you and

not someone else, so that they will respond quickly. It is also one of the most reliable messaging

methods because messages are almost always delivered on time.


Send valuable content: People who sign up for an SMS campaign are usually looking for

information, so they will unsubscribe if you send them advertising messages. Consider the

recipient?s preferences and deliver them relevant to them.

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