How You Can Transform Unique Items Into House Decor

Many people discard their old things and buy new ones from the market, which is pretty mundane. Instead, you can create a beautiful and creative item from old materials instead of throwing them away. The old materials get a new look, and the process also helps preserve the nature of the items. You can convert a low-value discarded item into a high-value material. To do this, you need to reconstruct and modify it creatively to enhance its functionality and use.


If you are remodeling your bathroom or want to replace the old bathtub, there is no need to throw it away. There are many unique ways to upcycle the bathtub instead. One of the ways to upcycle it is to turn it into a chaise lounge. Bathtubs are not always meant to be used in the bathroom, although that?s the primary idea. Take your bathtub to a welding shop and have it cut and designed into a chaise lounge.

You will have a fantastic place to chill when reading a book or sipping some tea. Make the chaise lounge cozy by adding some pillows. An old bathtub can also be transformed into a comfortable couch. The couch will look stylish and unique, hence perfect for your home.

Lastly, you can transform the bathtub into a coffee table or a planter. If you have never heard of a coffee table and a flower planter in one, then this is an excellent opportunity for you to try it. The lovely d?cor will be suitable for your patio where you can relax and enjoy the purified air from the plants. To do this, put a bathtub on the patio and add soil. Plant your flowers on one half and place a wooden slab on the other half for the tabletop. Place your cool rolling trays on the tabletop and enjoy an evening of pure relaxation.


If your wardrobe is flooded with different sarees, you can transform them into unique d?cor pieces for your home. You can turn your old saree into a table runner. Since sarees have unique designs and patterns, you can use them as a table runner when your guests come over. It will look exquisite. A saree fabric can be wrapped on a lampshade to create a unique d?cor.

All you need is a fabric and a glue gun, and you will be good to go. Buying lampshades from malls can be quite costly. Therefore, this can be a great way of spicing up your old lampshade. Purchase one from a flea market and decorate it.

A saree can also serve as a tapestry. Although this is a hard option to implement with a saree, it can be done. You will need a silk saree in Kantha or find one with an elaborate story design. Cut your saree out into a rectangle, adding additional borders and making the corners of your room look attractive.


Ladders are multifunctional. If you have a vintage ladder or one that is no longer safe to climb, you can repurpose it into a fun home d?cor project. One unique thing you can do is transform it into a shelving unit. You can recreate the decor by making the shelves, which is somewhat easy.

An open ladder is more suitable for the shelf unit. Once you add some pine planks to the cross beams, you can then place your potted plants or books on the shelves. You can set the ladder up in your kitchen for storing the dishes. Another option is to keep it in your bedroom as a shoe rack.

You can also transform your vintage step ladder into a plant stand. A small step ladder will also work well as a nightstand or an end table. To get a designer look from the plant stand, incorporate plants of different heights and sizes. If you don?t want to use houseplants, you can make tiny vignettes using d?cor form around the home.

Final Thought

If you have not spent a lot of time scrutinizing your house in the last year, then this is the year to make a change. Instead of throwing away your old items, you can transform them into unique d?cor pieces. Some of the items you can transform include ladders, sarees, and bathtubs.

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