How to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to sit in the backyard and enjoy the sun. You can have meals in the yard and entertain friends all season long. Consider these upgrades to get your backyard ready.

Update the Lighting

Lights can add ambiance to a yard and make it easy to stay outside even after the sun has gone down. Make sure you choose lights that are meant to handle the outdoors. Look for waterproof, shatterproof bulbs that will last.

You can hang lights from an awning or drape them around your fence. LED bulbs will last the longest and are a good up-front investment. They even come in a variety of colors so you can decide what vibe you want your summer backyard to have.

You can always use citronella candles to keep mosquitos away and light up your yard as well. Even fires in a fire pit can add comfortable lighting. However, remember to put out all fires or candles before going inside the house.

Combat Mosquitos

No matter how much you enjoy being outdoors, mosquitos can ruin the experience. They carry diseases and leave itchy bites that can become infected. Luckily, you can choose a backyard upgrade that combats these pests so you can have a carefree time outdoors.

Mosquito control systems are a step above simply using bug spray to rid your yard of mosquitos. These systems last for years with minimal upkeep and can be activated remotely. They are resistant to weather and heat and will make your backyard a safer place to hang out during the long summer months.

Though mosquitos may be a sign of summer, they don’t have to set up camp in your backyard.

Add a Garden

You don’t need a green thumb to add a garden to your backyard. Whether you want to grow your own fruits and vegetables or simply use flowers to add color bursts to your yard, adding a garden gives your space an instant lift.

Depending on where you live, you can pick plants that tolerate the weather conditions in your area. For an environmentally friendly choice, go for native plants that will help build the ecosystem. Keep in mind what pests bother you throughout the year and see if you can use plants to deter them from seeking out your backyard.

Even designating a small portion of your patio to grow herbs will add beautiful scents and views to your outside area.

Invest in Furniture

You need a good place to recline when you are enjoying your yard. Invest in furniture that offers plenty of room for you and any guests. Make sure it is able to withstand the elements or be prepared to bring it in when the weather is bad.

Besides seating, consider other furniture that will make it easier to spend time in your backyard. A small table that sits between the seating gives you a place for drinks and food. You can even find a table that also serves as a storage compartment for chair cushions and other items.

Approach choosing outdoor furniture with a careful eye, adding colors and patterns that create the vibe you want in your yard. You can also add rugs if you have a concrete area on your back patio.

Repair Your Fence

Having a fence around your backyard offers privacy, and the fence itself works as a decorative element. However, you have to repair and update your fence to keep your backyard looking its best. Taking care of your fence will also ensure it lasts, and that’s important since fences are an investment.

Before summer arrives, have your fence cleaned and stained. Fix any boards that have holes or are starting to fall apart. Repair fence doors that aren’t working, and make sure tree branches and other debris haven’t caused any major issues.

You can also add hooks for hanging plants, string up lights, or find other ways to decorate your fence once it is in good condition. It will cost less to take care of your fence than it will to replace it, so make sure fence maintenance is on your list every year.

Give your backyard the attention it deserves with upgrades that will make it a wonderful place to hang out all summer long.