How To Tell If Gemstones Are Real Or Fake?

    fire agate beads

    Gemstones have never been out of vogue. They are a great way to say thank-you, pass as an extremely wonderful birthday gift, or Christmas present. As an addition to your jewelry collection, gemstones will take your breath away and you can never have enough of them. If you?re a true admirer of gemstones and beads jewelry, you?d know the value of a genuine one. There are a number of man-made variants to gemstones which surely add to the colors, varieties, qualities and uses of it. But a man-made one can never compete with the authentic one. It is because the charm of a real gemstone is dazzling and has an incomparable quality.

    fire agate beads

    It is one thing to buy a man-made gemstone. But it is another to be fooled with a fake in place of a real one. Many times, sellers try to pitch the uninformed buyers with fake gemstones by naming them real. So, to make a smart purchase that is not only a great addition to your jewelry and beads collection but also an asset, you need to have a thorough knowledge about the authenticity of gemstones. You should be well aware of the characteristics of a real one and how to tell it apart from the fake one. This mostly happens in the case of fire agate beads, because of their popularity and well-liked. Although you cannot be as good as a gemologist, if you?re meticulous about the following aspects, you will be able to judge their authenticity better.

    Know About The Seller

    The very first step to know about the authenticity of a gemstone is to know about the seller well. A genuine seller knows all about the making and descriptions of what they are selling. Also, they are equally open to disclose all important information to the buyer. If you feel the dealer is concealing? information or bidding for incomplete facts, it is not a good sign. Another notable alert is the reputation of the seller.

    If the seller has been dealing in gemstones for quite some time and has trusted clients who testify for its authenticity, it is a positive sign. Nonetheless, it is safer to run the background checks yourself before getting in a trade with a seller.

    Price Must Be Realistic Enough

    Gemstones are considerably rare & special, which is why they are generally priced high. Now, as absurd as it may sound, its high price is one of its proof of authenticity. The prevailing prices of precious gems are information easily available in public spheres. Additionally, their prices cannot be negotiated like that of other products.

    If you’re planning to buy yourself some, it is imperative that you do research about gems and beads? prices well before going down to buy. This serves two motives, you can know about the reality of the gems and you can’t be charged extra even for the real ones. Even gemstone beads like black fire agate beads are to be reasonably priced. The unnaturally low prices are a negative indicator of their authenticity.

    Read The Description Carefully

    Another thing you need to keep an open eye about is what the description says about the product. The description of any gemstone is meant to disclose its origins and the stages of processing it has gone through. Now again, to understand any off item, one has to have a basic knowledge about it themself.

    Look for any mannual coloring or other processing having done on the gems or beads you’re buying. The description should clearly state the duplicacy or synthetic formation of the gem if its sale is not to be implied as the sale of a real one. So, it is important to be observant while making a jewelry purchase.

    Color And Appearance

    No two gemstone beads look the same. Even the colors of the beads vary from one to the other. If the gemstones are extremely smooth and flawless, it is not a positive indication. Natural as they are, they may be altered in some way to make them appealing to human eyes. They may be flashed as the rarest of the rare or even as of high quality. But it is important to know that, the more rare the gemstone is, the more flawed it is.

    The stones go through a number of processes like heating and refining. If these are not performed with perfection and special care, the appearance is damaged and the gemstone loses its superior value. You are to keep an eye open for such defects also.

    Dream Of Stones

    Dream Of Stones is one of the dealers that you can always trust with the authenticity of the gemstone beads, especially fire agate beads. They run exclusive checks for genuineness, quality check procedures and have trusted dealers as well. They are transparent about the descriptions of the products they sell and also clearly state if any beads are synthetic or man-made. What more can you ask from a gemstone beads seller than authenticity.


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