How to Take the Stress Out of Planning an Event

Planning an event entails long working hours and several follow-up meetings, leading to stress and exhaustion. The ability to manage all the fine details of an event, budgets, marketing, and advertisements require a lot of energy and coordination. So, how can you take out the stress when planning or organizing an event? Here are a few tips.

1. Employ The Use of Event Management Software

The beauty of technology is that it makes work easy and streamlines the processes involved in executing a given task. For example, employing the use of event planning software will help you increase efficiency by sticking to the planned budget, digitally plotting the event setting, and planning the seating arrangements.

reduce the stress in event planning

The tools also help in automating those tasks that are repetitive hence reducing the overall planning duration. The use of event ticketing software will help you control the admission process, sell online tickets, keep track of the sales, and speed up the entry of guests. Since it is digital, it reduces the overall costs by eliminating costs associated with printing tickets.

2. Constitute an Effective Team to Work With

Having a reliable and effective team helps eliminate stressful timelines and gets the job done professionally since everybody can work in their areas of expertise. Therefore, constituting an effective team should be based on dependability, expertise, and professionalism.

It is also important that you include competent and reliable vendors within the team. Consider working with event sponsors who gladly show their support and volunteers who are highly motivated. Working with individuals who are not competent enough will only create problems, delays, and even failure. To reduce the stress in event planning, put in a lot of consideration when choosing the team.

3. Have a Checklist

One of the leading causes of stress when planning events is the lack of proper organization. The use of a checklist will help you stay organized and ensure that you stay on track. Consider making a list of the processes, timelines, and responsible persons during the initial stages of planning the event.

To effectively plan an event, you must break down every process into smaller executable tasks and strike them off every time they are accomplished. The benefit of marking the accomplishments you make is that it will help keep you motivated and on track. It, therefore, works well to reduce and eliminate the stress associated with planning an event.

4. Practice Time Management

When planning an event, you need to manage your time effectively. Scheduling timelines for the completion of event tasks helps to eliminate last-minute rushes, which reduces effectiveness and leads to mistakes that would otherwise be avoided. You should organize the tasks in order of priorities to effectively manage the deadlines.

When practicing time management, it is important that you also factor in time to take a break and rest. Working with timelines ensures that you enjoy the work you are doing, gives you time to make rectifications, and accomplishes success at the end of the day.

5. Celebrate the Small Victories

Planning an event involves several tasks that are mostly correlated and teams that work together for the event’s overall success. Therefore, you need to celebrate the small victories you experience as you journey towards the overall goal. Celebrating the small wins helps keep the team motivated and focused, which helps take out the stress involved in the planning. In addition, having a positive reinforcement once in a while in planning the event helps keep every individual in check psychologically.

6. Develop a Work-Life Balance

It is important to maintain a work-life balance even as you are involved in event planning. It would help if you considered setting boundaries and taking some time off work and everything involved. Constantly thinking about every detail of work leads to a miserable and stressful life. Instead, consider developing a new skill in your free time, go for a fishing trip, go out with family, or plan a getaway so that you can unwind and come back refreshed.


While success is always the top priority when planning an event, it is impossible to achieve it when you are overworked, stressed, and on the brink of burnout. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself and your team regarding physical, mental, and psychological well-being. The next time you plan an event, consider the above tips to help take the stress out.

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