How to Safely Wear Halloween Contact Lens

    halloween contact lens

    Most of us want to have a quintessential appearance on Halloween?s day; at the same time, some of us wish to look similar to our most liked celebrities. Everyone tries to look startling, not only by their petrifying costumes but also by wearing Halloween contact lenses.

    Your eyes might look like the ones of a ferocious vampire or similar to a cat?s gleaming eyes if you choose to put on White contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lense a form of decorative lenses that can transmute your faces like a monster or other creatures. But, one must think multiple times before putting on such type of items on the eyeballs.

    Where to Buy From?

    If you certainly want to make your Halloween costume game strong, you can buy the Halloween contact lens from your eye doctoror any online websites by first having a complete view of their reviews and mail order companies.

    Also, you need to do your thorough research or consult your optometrist before reaching the final decision. If you don?t aspire to cause severe damage to your eyes, avoid wearing them while going to some local market, beauty salon, or newly established novel optics shop.

    Can Halloween Contact Lens be Hazardous?

    As we all are knowledgeable about the fact that if a specific thing has advantages, it will indeed contain some disadvantages as well, there is always a need to follow a particular set of rules before performing any task. If the person fails to wear them and couldn?t store properly, they might have to face some negative significances:

    • Eye infections, i.e., fungal or bacterial, can occur, resulting in redness and pain in the eyes, and every so often, can interfere with your central vision by decreasing it.
    • Results in Corneal Abrasion, i.e., an occurrence of scratch or cut on the upper eye layer.
    • Higher chances to get an infection in the cornea; if you slept while putting on these lenses.
    • If not fitted accurately in the eye, these lenses can root to allergic reactions and blurred vision.
    • Severe infection can lead to blindness.

    Safety Guidelines For Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses

    Well, to keep away from all the above mentioned negative impacts of wearing Halloween Contact Lens, one must follow some safety measurements so they can relish on Halloween night to the fullest. Some significant safety guidelines for healthy and benign wear are:

    ?    Eye Examination

    You should visit your eye doctor for an eye examination; he will guide you if the Halloween contact lenses are according to the size of your eyeball or not. Also, he will make you well-informed about its fitting to prevent any harmful effects later.

    ?    Cleaning Your Halloween Contact Lens

    Always wash or rinse your lens by using a disinfecting solution instead of tap water, and don?t forget to keep them hoarded in a new solution after every seventh day.

    ?    Refrain from Sharing

    Do not share your cosmetic contact lenses ever with your friends or kins, just like you don?t share your toothbrush with anyone.

    How Long Can You Wear Lenses?

    Many studies recommend taking them off as early as possible, but some companies are selling advanced hydrogel contacts. These lenses have the proficiency to postulate your eyesight as well as keep them away from harm.

    Some of the wearers have regulated and kept them stored for as long as possible. The idea that they transmute the entire eye, covering the scleral part, is also the reason for their attention. It has become a norm to outcast any other designs.

    Wear them to your October Halloween party or for a theatre look, but make sure the lenses are soft and porous. It allows oxygen inside your eyes and makes them breathe.

    How Do You Wear Them?

    Wearing them is just like wearing simple contacts. But you firmly need to sanitize your hands and frequently change the solution specifically made for such lenses. Below are some techniques you can use to wear your contacts,

    • Wash your hands with soap and sanitize them properly. Now carefully lift your contacts with the index finger of your hand and insert it into the eye. Do the same for the other.
    • Put them before wearing your makeup. It will help you avoid taking inside any other particles that may cause an infection inside the eye.
    • Move your eyeball left and right to adjust them accordingly.
    • Avoid taking them inside the water. You could risk putting your eye in danger because of bacteria that are present.

    Final Thoughts

    Getting your eye contacts, especially for a Halloween party, can be challenging because of a wide variety present in the market. Your dress will come out more with such cosmetic lenses and even make you the party?s heart. Do not lose faith upon hearing myths against these lenses. Try them for yourself and know that the right care will get you to the right place.


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