How to prepare for NEET from Class 11?

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    NEET is a national level entrance exam for admissions in medical UG courses. The test was started as a part of the One Nation, One Test norm and the NEET score is used by the majority of colleges across the nation. The best time to start preparing for the NEET exam is right when you enter Class 11 as the syllabus is vast and depending on the last six months is a risky wager.

    Preparation of the national level entrance exams requires more than just coaching. The following post will comprise of some effective preparation tips for NEET exam as well as help you to shortlist the NEET Coaching in Kerala. Kerala being a highly literate state, the number of students appearing in the entrance exams is very high and so is the competition.

    Therefore, we are sharing some amazing tips to prepare for NEET from Class 11. Read them carefully and follow them to make sure you prepare for your exam in a comprehensive manner.

    Preparation Tips for NEET from Class 11

    Don?t Lose the Focus and Attention While Preparing for the Exam.

    • Always keep your preparation according to the exam level. Don?t keep on revising the scientific names and the classification facts all the time. Sure, they are asked in the exam; but keep the preparation as per the weightage.
    • Always be attentive and don?t let your mind wander. It proves to be a drastic factor for low performance in the exams.

    Create a Routine and make sure you follow it.

    • Always follow a routine and try to maintain that. For example, while preparing for the anatomy of animals, start with the basic concepts and questions; solve the questions on them from the NCERT, then the reference books, then the sample papers and then the previous year papers.
    •  Now, once the topic is over, write it in a diary along with the types of the questions that you have solved on that topic. As your preparation progresses, the diary will populate and so will your confidence.

    Learn the formulas and keep some tricks handy.

    • The NEET exam will have questions on Physics and Chemistry as well and many questions are directly based on the formulas and tricks. So, make sure you memorize the formulas and tricks, and revise them in a continuous manner.
    • Every Medical Entrance Coaching Institute in Kerala gives the study material to the students in which some tricks and time-saving tips are there for solving some typical problems in Physics and Chemistry.
    • Paste a white coloured chart paper on your walls and write those tips and tricks on it. Revise them while going to sleep and when you wake up. Follow the same process for the formulas as well.This way, you won?t require any extra time for the same purpose.

    Follow the Right Order while preparing for the exam.

    • Once you have revised a topic and finished it; it is important to revisit it after some time and solve the questions or brush-up the concepts.This will ensure that all the concepts remain fresh in your mind and your revision work doesn?t get piled upon.
    • Keep a fixed time interval for this; e.g. 15 days or 10 days or so. This will keep all the concepts fresh in your mind and make your preparation even stronger.

    Don?t forget to practice Online Mock Tests.

    • Prepare for the REAL battle and not the mock wars. Once the subjects have been covered; follow the reputed portals and take the online mock tests. These will help you to manage time; understand the time-to-question ratio for the actual exam and will train you under the actual strained atmosphere.
    • The online mock tests are organized by every institute offering coaching for NEET exam and taking them will help you understand the actual worth and level of your preparation.

    Choose ONE RIGHT Coaching Centre.

    • The nation is full of millions of coaching institutes; classes; teachers; books and other preparation resources; but following ONE, RIGHT GURU is the best option.
    • Choose wisely from the huge number of centres offering NEET coaching in Kerala and finalize the preparation resources keeping your potential, dreams and the track records of the institutes in mind.

    This completes our discussion on how to prepare for the NEET exam from Class 11. We hope all our readers find this useful and adopt these tips to make their preparation even better.

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