How to Make Your Own No-Sew Easter Table Runner

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    Easter is a spring festival and it is widely celebrated across the world. If you are planning a holiday party or dinner, you?d like to surprise your guest by dressing your table with particular care to best replicate the coming Easter season and the young spring growth.?

    Fruits, flowers, and eggs are the general theme of this season. You can use these things as a centerpiece over your green tablecloth to give a festive look to your table. Table runners and tablecloths come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can find out one according to your choice. If you feel more creative this Eater, make your no-sew table runner for Easter. Here are some ideas to make a table runner at your home.

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    No-Sew Table Runner for Easter?

    A no-sew table runner puts a wonderful foundation for your traditional holiday table. This is a DIY project that?s created from craft store supplies. It is simple to make and super adorable and inexpensive. You can use this Easter table runner for completing the look of your table.?

    Materials Needed for a No-Sew Table Runner:

    • Fabric 
    • Fusible Bonding Tape
    • Iron
    • Craft paint
    • Pencils
    • Ruler 

    Before beginning the DIY table runner decide how long you would like to use it for, and thus decide on the craft process for making a table runner that is perfect for your table.

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    • First, without folding the fabric iron the piece completely, leaving the fabric folded provides the table runner more weight. 
    • You should pay special attention to the folded edges as you iron and make sure the edge is crisp. 
    • Use the iron to press a one-inch seal along the other three cut edges and secure the side with the fusible webbing tape. 
    • After that, miter the corners for creating a clean look and follow all instruction on the fusible webbing tape to use it perfectly. 
    • After fusible webbing g tape has cooled, it?s time to have fun with craft paint. Remember, the paint color you selected closely matches with the embroidered dot on the original blue table runner. 
    • Use pencil erasers for making wonderful perfect little dots. 
    • You should line up the ruler or measuring tape one inch away from the edge and begin a dot pattern with the paint and place each dot at one-inch intervals. 
    • Dry each painted side completely before moving to the next section. After that, continue the dot pattern around the table runner. 
    • These little dots add elegance to the table setting and the colors echo the brightly colored eggs in the basket. 

    By following the above steps you can create beautiful and amazing table runners for your Easter table decoration. You can find all the craft materials from a reliable fabric supplier that provides a wide range of craft supplies and d?cor materials including fabrics, ribbons, round tablecloths, organza bags, and many more at wholesale prices.

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