How to make money with blog?

    money with blog

    Sell products through your blog

    Of course you can also make a product yourself and sell it via your blog. Think of an eBook or course. The big advantage of this is that you are not dependent on companies. But of course you have to take care of a good product; A good example is the Elite Blogging Academy course. Ruth Soukup herself started as a blogger and decided to share her knowledge and skills in the form of a course. Her course has become super famous in Blogland and it is not even accessible all year round, making you feel like you’re extremely lucky if you can join the course.

    Hire yourself as an expert

    You can position yourself as an expert using your blog.?If you have built up a good reputation, you can let yourself be paid to advise others or to give lectures.?For example, say you are very good at blogging.?Then you can offer your services through your blog to help other bloggers.?For example with search engine optimization or even very basic, with setting up a blog.

    Make visitors pay for certain content

    You can close certain parts of your blog and only make them accessible with a code. And you can make people pay for that code. I find this a tricky one! Personally, I usually quit immediately if I can’t get ‘up’ on a blog immediately. But if you have super good things to say, people may be willing to pay you.

    Place banners and advertisements for companies on your blog

    You can use Google or affiliate programs to place banners on your blog and earn money. But sometimes you can also sell a banner directly through a company. For example, last year I had several paid banners on my blog Huisvlijt, which were requested directly through a company.

     Get paid for your opinion in the form of product reviews

    As with point 7, your reputation as an expert plays a major role in this. If many people value your judgment, you can get paid for it. For example in the form of a product review. You get a product, discuss it on your blog, and you get paid for it. Because make no mistake: companies sometimes pretend to do you a great service by letting you review a product, but it is not! In fact, it is in their interest to pay attention to their belongings.

    Keep paid giveaways on your blog

    Like product reviews, companies sometimes present it as if they are doing you a favor. Then they email, for example, that they are kind enough to make a product available that you can give away. But what they actually want is a blog post about their product, social media exposure and a link to their website. So it is very real to get paid for this. Do not underestimate the amount of work and red tape that goes into the organization and handling of a giveaway / giveaway. Your time and blog are worth something. Unless of course you only have a handful of visitors a day and a low Domain Authority; in that case I would possibly do a giveaway for free.

    Turn your blog into a book

    If your blog is a hit and attracts a lot of readers, consider making a book out of your blog. You can do this in the form of an eBook, but you can also make a hard copy available. It’s nice if you can find a real publishing house, but otherwise you can also publish your blog in book form. This is easily done via, for example. Moreover, you do not have to order a large stock of books in advance.

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