Five Easy Tips to Lose Face Fat Fast with Yoga

    Face Yoga program

    Blame it on your busy schedule or tendency to grab a quick takeaway snack, lack of sleep, or just plain laziness; some of us lose out on proper meals and end up with some extra pounds on us. If you are one of those people, then your waistline and face fat can be the ones that hurt your self-esteem.

    Face Yoga program

    So, we are here to help you get back your usual toned look. Since you need to strengthen your core and posture, the first and foremost tip to get the face fat gone is by taking out a few minutes every day for some Yoga. This helps in getting a well-toned and flat, and toned body. And this will help you in getting rid of the gut in a matter of days. So, follow these simple but effective tips to shed those excess kilos with?Face Yoga program:

    OGGY ? Pranayama

    While yoga is quite an intense workout, this Indian-inspired technique can help you quickly shed those pesky belly fats. So, start with Pranayama, followed by the High Blood Pressure (HBPS) (known as Pranayama and Hatha Yoga). One should do 30-40 minutes of yoga each day to help keep your heart healthy and therefore lose weight as well.

    Memory Strength ? Ashtanga Yoga

    Another ashtanga-based variation, this technique helps you lose weight, and in this case, all you need to do is do it for six weeks and then rest for three months. However, if you want to try it out for just a week, do it and follow it strictly for at least two months. It is the only truly effective way to shed those belly fat and improve your blood circulation. If you follow this, you will surely achieve a fitter, slimmer and curvier body.

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    Also known as 21-day burst training, this form of exercise can help you burn more calories and eliminate those stubborn belly fat. HIIT is another effective way to lose weight, and here are three quick and easy workouts that you can do:

    – Time it right: It is recommended that you do this for 2-3 hours a day. However, you can choose any time you like since your day is too busy.

    – Pick up the proper exercise: You can do this any time you feel like exercising, but at the moment, you should pick up something that is highly aerobic and helps burn fat. You can go for brisk walking, running, or cycling.

    – Add fun and funky music: Music makes the workout much more enjoyable. So, don’t forget to throw on some tunes while working out to help you out.

    Ujjayi breathing and meditation

    This is one of the best-known tricks to shed weight and also get rid of the gut. This meditation technique is known to increase your stamina and improve your mental well-being, which is the ultimate key to a healthy body. Do this two or three times a week, and you are bound to see an improvement in your health.

    Tips to learn Abhyanga and Mudra

    Another great ashtanga-based, stretchable form of exercise requires minimal effort to follow and can help you lose weight fast. Here are some simple tips that you can follow:

    – For the shoulder and elbow workouts, keep your arms in a comfortable position.

    – Keep your feet in the small, bent position.

    – As for your back, the elbows can touch the floor. The ankles can be just a few inches above the ankles.

    – With your hands or your feet, grip the barbell or the bench.

    – Don’t do pull-ups or push-ups, but use the barbell or the bench for exercises like plank, push-ups, pull-downs, twists, one-legged lunges, frog, and more.

    – The basic Abhyanga is done with the arms and legs, while the Abhyanga Nidhisana (Abhyanga posture) involves the legs.


    Any form of exercise or form of yoga will help shed some weight and keep the body healthy. So, go ahead and do some yoga or try out a combination of two or three ashtanga yoga exercises or go for some HIIT sessions. That’s the conclusion of the dermatologists at the New York Dermatology Group, who reviewed a comprehensive, nationwide study of nearly 40,000 middle-aged women.

    The researchers determined that face fat rose from 11% to 16% between ages 40 and 49, and then rose again in the 50s, reaching nearly 25% in women 60 and over. Therefore follow the above-mentioned?Face Yoga to Lose Face Fat?quickly and effectively.?


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