How to Keep Office Glass Sparkling Clean?

    Office Glass Sparkling

    Cleaning glass doors is a daunting task. This is because doors are the most used and touched furniture of any building or office. Doors are the entry points of a company or cabin, hence, should not be neglected, as they can ruin or construct your impression on your visitors. 

    While every other element used in the office building such as steel which is galvanized or concrete that is rendered, has some or the other kind of surface protection, only glass has no protective coating or covering.

    Cleaning glass doors is a tough task. Removing stains and fingerprints from the glass is a real nightmare. But, cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance of the building. 

    The glass surface may look smooth, but it is not. In fact, glass has an uneven surface due to which it easily catch dirt and dust. Let us understand the scientific reason behind this.

    Glass can attract water which means they are hydrophilic. Due to its hydrophilic property the water gets attracted and spreads on the surface of the glass which includes minerals, salt and calcium along with dust, bacteria and other contaminants. Later, when water evaporates from the surface of the glass, it leaves dust, bacteria and chemicals behind, making the surface of the glass hazier, dirtier and harder to clean. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the glass doors regularly.In the infographic below, ARS ltd has suggested some amazing tricks that can be followed while cleaning the glass doors throughout the year. Read and make your glass door cleaning easy and quick.


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