How to encourage yourself to have a genius mind?

genius mind

If you already know about Leonardo Da Vinci, you must know about his smart works related to philosophy, art, politics, etc. These characters belonged to him, made him genius and intelligent from others. Looking at his achievements, one can truly call him a person with superpowers.

He is called the person with superpower because no one can even imagine a normal person can do these things in real. He had mastery in anatomy, geology, literature, botany, astronomy, cartography and history, though there are other fields of science and literature in which his skills were proficient.

This means the number of subjects barely found in a college. There were more subjects in which Vinci was skilled when there was no access to the internet. At that time, it was harder to achieve any information. He was also known as the father of Architecture, palaeontology and iconology.

His most elegant artistry in painting Monalisa and The Last Supper were his extraordinary creations. His inventions included parachutes, helicopter, tank, expandable ladder, and various other things in physics. He was ambidextrous. These things are enough to name him as An Universal Genius.

In this blog, we shall study how a typical person can become a competent and diligent person if he manages the life lessons derived from Vinci’s life. You will also learn how his formula can be driven in the context of modern life by making it more blissful and achievable in original terms. 

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The ways to become a smart person 


probably, no one can be more inquisitive other than Vinci, he was inquisitive. He wanted to know everything about anything. He was always ready and curious to know and learn about everything. This tendency of him leads to inventions and achievements.

For example, today, the world?s number one hacker is the person who is having the curiosity about knowing about hacking. He used to see and check online queries asked about hacking on the internet. You can become a master of a field when you know all things about a particular subject. 

You need to ask questions to yourself and find the answers to them. If you want to do a business, write the ideas and things related to the business on a single paper. You should maintain a journal and notebook as any genius on this earth has compiled their journey on records.

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the Vinci whenever he learns about a subject; instead, he tested the things and experience in his personal life to check whether it has any authenticity or not. As we have mentioned above, we should maintain a notebook or a journal that will help us achieve any goal.

Many people understand and get through the means of seeing and learning the things, but many few will comply with them practically. When we experience something that means a lot to us and utterly goes with the concept, it is the only teayu;.ching for a good life.

Practical experience is better than theory and the person who will do the things practically, that person will become a genius. You can learn plenty of things about communication skill principles as long as you commit mistakes and not applying that knowledge, you cannot become a master of it.

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the Vinci well used his senses, and you can say he used the maximum senses. He did not see its branches and leaves but see it differently when he used to see a tree. He looked at the roots underground and admired their strength by which the tree is standing firmly on the ground.

Not only this, he gazed up at the things in detail, and this was the reason why he was able to understand the things in that easy manner. It would help if you too use your senses. Whatever you are having in front of you, do not just see or listen to it but look into deeply.

Comfort with a paradox

we can understand this with an example. Suppose a person tells another that killing is the worst act, we should not perform it and on the other hand, the same person telling another person that we should kill. The third person who was listening to me starts judging me.

If the third person would be genius, he must know that the first person, who was told not to kill, was probably with the criminal mind and this suggestion would work for him. The second person who was said to kill was probably the soldier or commando who can induce justice legally.

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