How to Elevate Your Holiday Home Decor This Year

Updating your home decor doesn?t have to be complicated. You can make your home festive without breaking the bank with a few new holiday decorating tips. From using spices and flowers to enhancing with paint color and texture, you can use these easy decorating ideas to create a space that is warm for this year.

Putting a wreath on your door

Wreaths can be a great way to bring some greenery into your home. They can also provide a nice focal point around which to group other decorations. One way you can spruce up the classic wreath look is by adding some type of ribbons and other festive accessories. You can wrap those ribbons around the wreath to create a festive appearance or decorate it with Christmas lights and ornaments.

Using tree toppers

Tree toppers are a great way to add holiday spirit to your home. You will definitely enjoy the beauty of decorating your tree with an angel tree topper. These innovative decorations will create a festive atmosphere in your home all year round. From the adorable brown-haired angelic figures to the more sparkly ones, many options exist.

Creating a holiday centerpiece

Holiday centerpieces that can be used year-round are a great way to make your home festive during the holidays. One of the first things to do is choose a base. You can use a solid color glass or wooden bowl. Then fill the center with pine cones and Christmas-themed candy, such as peppermint candies and red licorice.

To make your holiday centerpiece more festive, you can add a few red roses or other Christmas flowers to the mix. You can also add some ribbons to break up the shapes and textures of your holiday centerpiece. The holidays are a great time to decorate your home with holiday centerpieces that will provide an inviting touch and allow you to use it all year round without changing it out for each season. These amazing holiday centerpieces are simple enough for DIY projects on any budget.

Holiday Tea Light Holders

Brighten up your home this holiday season by creating these unique tea light holders. Make sure to include an assortment of candles of different shapes and sizes; you can even make some with a wreath shape if that is what you are in the mood for.

You can also spice them up a little more by adding red and green ornaments and ornaments to go along with the theme of your home decorating project. Each one will be different, so pick your favorites and put them all on display. Choose small candle holders in various shapes, such as those that are shaped like pine cones or stars. Or get creative with other candle sizes on small round mason jars!

Decorating with pine cones

Pine cones are a lovely way to warm up your home for the holidays. You can use them as part of your holiday decor by placing them around your home. It?s easy to make your home festive with pine cones that come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use them as part of a DIY centerpiece or arrange them into a heart shape on the table. All you have to do is add some pinecones and red or white roses. This can be done by arranging the flowers around the pinecones and placing them on top of a nice holiday tablecloth.

Santa Claus Figures

You can use Santa Claus figures to decorate your home to get the kids into the holiday spirit. These adorable little figures can be used to add some Christmas cheer to your home. After all, who does want that? One way you can decorate for Christmas with these festive figures is by placing them on a mantle or shelf where they will be most visible.


Using these holiday decorating tips can bring an eclectic look to your home during the holidays. These easy decorating ideas will be a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that you can use all year round. Don?t forget to take photos of your holiday decor so you can use it for inspiration for the next holiday season.