How To Develop On-demand Snow Removal App Like Uber Eden App?

snow removal app

Ah, snow removal. Depending upon where you are from, this can either bring back happy memories… or no memories.

If you were from Ontario Canada, then around the same time as Christmas, snow shoveling could get you enough dough that it could set you up till valentine’s day.

If you were from Florida…then this was rarely ever the case. Not your fault though, it rarely ever snows there.

And if you are in Alaska… then it is like a random Tuesday for you.

But, as app developers, this is where the opportunity strikes. Snow shoveling is a very strong semi-annual business model. And depending on if it snows a lot in your region, it can completely be a Perennial business model. Hire app developers to reduce your time and cost margin.

So in this article, we will be going over some of how you too can create a snow removal service app.

Why? Because having an app can 10X your revenue if you know what you’re doing. And luckily for you, this article is all about teaching the right thing.

So here are some of the topics that we will be focusing on today:

– Why you should create a Snow removal service app
– Creating the snow removal service app: Best reference
– Features for your snow removal service app
– Conclusion

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into it

Why you should create a Snow removal service app?

As mentioned above, Snow removal as a service can be a very good business plan depending on where you live. In certain parts of North America, Canada, and Europe, snowfall is quite common.

This business as a service is mostly controlled by small-time business owners that service a specific region, which depends upon their manpower and logistics.

As you can see, the Snow shoveling service app is still a nascent idea for most people. But this is where you can create your mark.

Who would have thought that a random taxi calling app will overtake the yellow cabs in New York? Today there is one, it’s quite famous you might have heard of that company. It’s called Uber.
There are thousands of such examples, and how they boosted their revenue because of an app.

Now, the best reason why the app is your greatest shot at a high profit is that it allows for so many different ways of attracting and retaining customers.

You can push notifications, grow an email list, run AdSense, and generate extra revenue by marketing. This is something that only an app can provide you. And with the added benefit of actively growing an email list, you will have a better idea of the statistics of your business.

Mostly these kinds of businesses offer 2 kinds of contracts.

a) On-demand service:

This is a simple one. If a customer needs to get the snow removed from their front porch, then they’ll just contact you. Here you will have to focus on creating an effective filtering mechanic within your app to give your customers the best value possible.
This is the best model for those businesses which operate in the region where snow is a perennial problem. Kind of like Alaska, of northern Canada and northern parts of Europe.

b) Time-bound service:

In this model, the customers sign a contract for you to remove snow during a specific duration, mostly around winter.

For this, you will have to focus on creating a very strong email list as these business models work where it doesn’t snow throughout the year. This means most of your time when not shoveling snow will go to attracting more customers.

Now, with this done let us focus on our next topic which is:

Creating the snow removal service app: The best reference
Here’s a little secret. No one can create an app from thin air. You will need to have some sort of reference to even build a framework.

This is where we will take the example of the Eden app.

Eden app is a service-based business based in North America. It generally focuses on cleanups, such as leaf removal and snow shoveling.

Right out of the gate one of the best things that we can learn from this app is that it doesn’t just focus on Snow Removal, but also general cleaning and litter management.

And you know the best part?

This app has such a spectacular work record that it has created quite a buzz in the local market with its name being published in strong journals such as the Toronto Star and CBS.

So what exactly can we take from the Eden app? What should we focus on applying in our app?

1: Multiple regions:
Being an area-bound business to one specific region can only work if you have a sole monopoly. But as discussed before, because Snow shoveling is a much localized business with sometimes community and even children participating in it, it will be very difficult to compete in a single area.

This is why it is so much better to spread out your business and create alliances with local businesses. Take it the uber way. Provide more freedom to the workers while taking a cut in your name and keeping everyone happy.

2: Multiple Niches:
Focusing on just snow shoveling might be a great idea if your region gets perennial snowfall. But as mentioned before, securing just one region might not be a great idea as you will have to face tough competition.

But then what should you do? It doesn’t snow everywhere!

Yeah, you’re right, it doesn’t snow everywhere, but other places do need a clean-up. Be it leave removal in Autumn or lawn mowing in summer.

The best idea here is to focus on multiple niches within the same industry if you want to stand out in the market.

Features for your snow removal service app
This is a quick one. Features are purely for your app so that you can boost your user experience to the next level. In real life, it’s the service that matter. But in the world of digital apps, user experience tops everything.

Here is a list of things you should focus on:
– Profiling
– Filtering
– Tracking
– Weather forecast
– Multiple payments options


The snow shoveling app might be in its very early stage, but this just means you have all the power to skyrocket your business before anyone else takes the cake.
Let us know your views in the comments below and thanks for reading!