How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail and eM Client?

eml duplicate remover


Are you fed up storing multiple duplicate email files of Windows Live Mail of eM Client on your device? It is a not a good sign to preserve such useless stuff, as it may decline the efficiency of email clients. Also, it utilizes much space that can be utilized for better purpose. Here I will provide one faultless solution to the query how to delete duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail and eM Client. 

Do You Ever Wonder Why Duplicate Emails Generate Frequently? 

There can be several causes behind creation of duplicate email messages. Like, if you have many accounts of a particular email client. And when users backup email messages and export email files to another email client. Duplicate emails also occur when email files downloaded from the server. 

Go For An Efficient EML Duplicates Remover to De-Duplicate EML Files

CubexSoft EML Duplicate Remover is an exact approach to know how to delete duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail and eM Client. It is a capable way to remove multiple duplicate EML files at once. There is no  issue will occur removing duplicates of any large size of EML as no such limitation on size 

And not just from Windows Live Mail or eM Clinet, it is able to remove duplicate files from all EML supportable email clients such as Entourage, Thunderbird, AppleMail, DreamMail and many more.  And the best part is without installation of any of such email client, this app works independently.

The software facilitates separate dual options, in order to detect or scan duplicate email files for example ‚ÄúSearch duplicate email files within the folder‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúsearch duplicates email files across the folder. These options to search and find duplicate files greatly. 

This method is such convenient to use that it does not require any technical skill to de duplicate EML files. There are also option for adding filters  for selective de duplication such as to, date, subject and to, and root folder. 

Users have a facility to choose for the destination path accordingly. By tapping Browse option, users may easily choose the desired location for the optimized output. At the ending pointing of de-duplication, conversion progression report instantly appears in Notepad. 

How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail and eM Client?

Follow these steps to remove duplicate Windows Live Mail emails in batch mode: 

Step1: To de-duplicate launch EML Duplicate file Remover. Then open the software. 

Step2: Using dual options (Add Files and Add Folder) load files.

Step3: Pick up desired files clicking on specific checkboxes items. 

Step4: Now search duplicates with given options on screen. 

Step5: Add filter and also destination path then press Remove button. 

Ending Note 

EML File Duplicate Remover support all Windows Operating Systems versions for example Windows XP, Vista, 11, 8, 10, 7, and 8.1, etc. It is also possible to analyse de duplication procedure taking free demo, by which 25 emails are allowed to be proceed for free of cost.