How Do You Cool an Office? 6 Things to Do

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When it comes to cooling an office down, there are quite a few things you could do. We?ve discussed the best of the best below. Keep reading.

Paint Colours

You don?t need to be a physics wiz to know that certain colours absorb and reflect light better than others. Unfortunately for you, there are dark walls in your workplace. If a lot of natural light falls on them, they would absorb the heat and radiate it inside.

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White paint would reflect the most heat. However, where would the heat be bounced to? It could be bounced to other sections of your office, heating them.

More Plants

One of the easiest ways to cool an office down is through plants. They would take in any toxins in the air and produce oxygen. The oxygen would have a cooling effect. Moreover, plants make spaces look good. And if your office is a very stressful environment, they would liven things up.

New AC

Take a look at your air conditioning system. It may have been installed a long time ago, and unfortunately, it hasn?t regularly been maintained. The unit could be cooling your office down not that well.

Not just this, it may not be energy efficient. It could be sucking up too much power. This is why you?re hit with large electricity bills each month.

Instead of getting the unit repaired, you could get a new AC installed instead. It would cool the space the best. If you need air conditioning installation Sutherland shire and other large suburbs have many electricians to work with, so the job would be easy.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs don?t produce as much light as you?d think. More than 90% of the electricity they consume is wasted as heat. You can think of them as heat-producing items that just happen to make light too. Considering the energy is wasted as heat, your office could be much hotter than it should be.

By going for power-efficient bulbs, less power would be wasted, and the space wouldn?t be as sauna-like.


The fridge in your office may be stacked with caffeine. Coffee and tea would pump up your adrenaline, making you more productive. But this would be at a cost. The hormone would increase your heart rate, which would make you sweat. Even if the building is not that hot, you would think it is.


Thick curtains can make any space feel cooler. They would act as insulating barriers, preventing heat from entering and escaping. The space would expertly be cooled if the curtains are dark.

Let?s sum everything discussed. There are several ways you could cool the building down. They aren?t hard to utilize, which makes things easier for you. From the things you could do, the best would be to get your AC fixed. It could be old, which is why not a lot of air is being cooled. It may be sucking a lot of power up as well, leaving you with a huge electricity bill.


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