How to Convert Facebook Videos to Mp4 by using Keepflick?

Ever since the world of social media has started, Facebook has been the first-ever platform for people to connect. Facebook is the world’s largest social media company that owns Instagram and Whatsapp, the largest used social media and messaging application, and the most easily accessible platform for every category of people. In fact, we can say that Facebook is much more than a social media; it is the widest platform for a brand to promote its products, for a small scale industry or a startup to make its recognition in the market, and an excellent platform for small rising artists to help them reveal their talent to the world.

The addition of the video-sharing feature through the Facebook application has given recognition to many hidden talents of the world. Also, it has made every person’s reach to good content easy and accessible. However, due to the platform being highly engaging, many brands have started their Facebook ads which sometimes come in between the videos. These in-between ads bring an urge to download Facebook videos with quality content and the one that brings your interest. However, due to the limitation of downloading the Facebook videos, you cannot save the video for offline view and also cannot share it among your groups in an offline mode.

Can You Convert Facebook Videos To Mp4?

We all know that Facebook doesn’t allow us to download its videos in offline mode, but there are websites present on the internet, one like Keepflick, that provides you the platform to easily convert the Facebook video to mp4. Thus, now the question arises: “if there are many websites present on the internet as Facebook Mp4 Converter, then why consider Keepflick as the first choice to convert Facebook videos to mp4?” The answer to this is simple; there are, of course, many websites available on the internet to convert your Facebook video to mp4, but not all the websites are easily accessible. Moreover, some websites have a prolonged approach, some have slow speed, and others ask you to take premium membership or subscribe to their newsletter.

However, when you reach Keepflick, you neither need to subscribe to a newsletter nor need to take any premium membership. Keepflick is a free service providing platform that allows you to convert all the Facebook videos to mp4. Moreover, Keepflick doesn’t have any restrictions in converting the Facebook videos to mp4, which means you can download as many videos in a day as you wish without paying a single penny and also don’t need to waste your time on the slow processing websites.

How Can You Convert Facebook Videos To Mp4 On Your Computer Or Laptop With Keepflick?

Keepflick is the most efficient Facebook video to mp4 converter and allows you to easily download and save the videos on your computer or laptop. To convert the Facebook videos to mp4 from Keepflick on your laptop or computer, follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Facebook web application or Facebook website on your computer or laptop and browse for the desired video you want to download.
  2. Once you choose the video, open the video and choose the three dots icon present on the top-right corner of the video. Then copy the URL of the video with the Copy link option.
  3. Now that you copied the link in your clipboard, open the preferable web browser on your laptop or computer and search for.
  4. Once the Keepflick website launches on your browser, choose the Download Facebook Videos from the menu option present as the three-line icon on the top-right and open the Facebook converter in the Keepflick.
  5. A box pops up saying Paste Your URL. Paste your Facebook video link there and select the Download option.
  6. Now choose the quality of the video and then hit Download again. Your video is downloaded offline on your computer or laptop.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can convert the Facebook videos to mp4 and download them on your mobile phone if you open the Facebook web application on your phone.

How Can You Convert Facebook Videos To Mp4 On Your Phones With Keepflick?

Keepflick allows you to convert the Facebook videos to mp4 on your mobile phones as well. To convert the Facebook videos to mp4 through Keepflick, you can follow the following steps from your mobile phones:

  1. Open the Facebook application of your phone and surf for the video you want to download in the Videos section of Facebook.
  2. Once you select the video, select the share button of the video and then choose the Copy link option.
  3. Now open the preferred web browser on your mobile and search
  4. Once the Keepflick website opens, hit the three-line icon present on the top-right corner of the website and select the More downloader tools option. From their choose the Download Facebook Videos option.
  5. A box pops up with Paste Your URL saying, paste the video link there and hit the download button. Your Facebook video is converted to mp4 and downloaded on your mobile.


Keepflick has made converting your Facebook videos to mp4 much easier and more accessible for everyone. However, the video download speed will depend on the quality of the video you selected and your internet speed. To download online videos from more social media videos, visit and convert the videos to mp4.

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