How to clean Invisalign Trays? Do?s and Don?ts

A bright straight smile with an invisible look means a precious gift to all age groups. This dreamy smile achievement is possible through the use of the transparent aligners trays of Invisalign. These customizable trays are designed according to each person’s teeth requirements but the other essential activity that comes with Invisalign in one?s life is the caring process of these orthodontic appliances in the best and most efficient manner.

Why is the cleaning of Invisalign trays crucial?

Before getting into the deep process of how to clean Invisalign trays, we need to see why it is important to clean them.

The staining problem: Invisalign is transparently designed made of 3D technology-based plastic that gets the staining easily from any kind of food intake and colored drinks intake. Water can be easily used with the Invisalign.

Invisalign aligners

Bacteria build-up: The second very dangerous cause for the aligners not cleaning properly may be plaque and debris getting stuck in it which may cause bacteria formation and eventually cause tooth decay by the formation of cavities also.

The first simplest method of Invisalign care!

To protect these trays patients need to rinse them completely after taking them out from the mouth and even rinse them properly at the time of putting them back in the mouth.

What are the causes of the Invisalign turning yellow?

The first reason is drinking tea, coffee, colored drinks and wine within aligners totally makes them change the white Invisalign into yellow material which looks horrible.

The second reason is not brushing the teeth before putting the Invisalign will badly turn them yellow, getting plaque stuck to them and fully captured by bacteria and pathogens.

 Effective care with cleaning Invisalign aligners:

  • Before eating it is crucial to remove these trays so that no food particles are stuck in the aligners which can cause big damage and increase future oral health issues.
  • Never use warm water for cleaning them; they will get destroyed and will not be worthy to be used again for teeth straightening.
  • Do not let the aligners be kept open in the air after removing them from the mouth save them in the Invisalign airtight container.
  • Avoid using coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other drinking items that may cause the yellow staining to the aligners.

 Special orthodontic cleansers for the Invisalign:

The two top-most cleaning products that will be provided by the orthodontist after the Invisalign is put on are steraligner and cleaning crystals.

Steraligner is a natural antiseptic containing sodium bicarbonate, just place the trays into the solution of it for 2 to 3 minutes after that brush slowly and rinse with slightly warm water.

Cleaning crystal contains some crystals which will be dissolved in water after which the aligners are soaked in it for a few minutes. It contains sodium sulfate which acts as a cleansing agent and will be cleaning Invisalign trays in the best way.

What mistakes need to be avoided while using Invisalign cleansers?

  1. Some people use toothpaste for cleaning the aligners which causes harm to the surface of the trays because toothpaste ingredients may not be suitable for its cleaning.
  2. Never ever use mouthwash within the aligners; the alcoholic quality of mouthwash will make the aligners weak and may break down easily.
  3. Avoid using scented soaps for the Invisalign trays cleaning as the hard smell of the soaps may get to the plastic trays which will give a continuous bad taste in the mouth of the patient.
  4. Though Denture cleaners are being used by many people as it is the cleaning solution for the retainers but it may not seem a good idea to use them for transparent Invisalign cleaning.

 Home remedies for the better care of the Invisalign:

Using Baking Soda:

Take a tablespoon of baking soda mix in a cup of warm water, prepare the solution, now keep the aligners in it for half an hour and after taking it out gently brush with the toothbrush. This process is somehow effective for better cleaning Invisalign trays.

White Vinegar:

Mix 1 percent of white vinegar to 3 percent of water and mix well, now place the Invisalign set in it for 15- minutes. Once removed, brush the aligners, this is the best way to remove the plaque which is formed on the trays.

The brush quality to be checked before cleaning Invisalign aligners:

The whole process of cleaning Invisalign aligners will get negatively reversed. If the brush used for cleaning them is having hard bristles. The brush specifically chosen for these trays cleaning must have soft and sleek bristles quality. Hence, no scratches are marked on the Invisalign which further may bring cracks in its structure and may affect its better functionality.

The End Note!

Invisalign is in high demand and many adults and teenagers are in full approval of these clear trays, which complete the treatment in a very smooth and invisible manner. But we need to remember that its care will make it live longer and even speed up the orthodontic treatment process.