How to Choose a Vintage Rug You’ll Cherish for a Lifetime+ Bonus Tip On Rug Cleaning

    buying a vintage rug

    You walk into your aunt’s house for the first time in a long time for dinner, and the first thing that grabs your attention other than the smell of caramelised onions is – the rug! 

    When you ask your aunt about it, she informs you that it’s a “vintage rug.” 

    But what exactly is a vintage rug?

    A vintage rug is a rug made around 1920-1970s. Vintage as a word adds allure to any decor enthusiast and also spark the likes of many people. 

    You will also find interior designers use such vintage rugs in homes that need an extra depth of character. Vintage rugs, however, can be a difficult thing to purchase as it requires the right knowledge and eye for detail.

    Through this blog, we want to show you step by step process of how to get your first vintage rug and love and cherish it forever because, let us be honest- they are expensive! 

    Let’s find out how 

    Start Researching 

    The most important step when you start the hunt for a vintage rug is research. 

    Vintage rugs have a history behind them, and a google search can reveal all about them. Moreover, anytime someone asks you about your rug, you can tell them in detail about it- it always makes a delightful story!

    Also, find a good dealer from where you can source the rug, read about reviews on them and past client experience. If they have social media handles, check them out and be 100% sure that this is the seller you want to go with. 

    Measure Your Room Size

    People often make the mistake of buying rugs that are too small for their room. This is usually because many dealers can give discounts on small mats.

    But your rug should be able to enclose the furniture within it. Therefore measure and don’t be shy in adding more inches to your rug. 

    Set Your Budget 

    Set a budget for your rug buying project, vintage rugs can be very expensive, and without proper budgeting, your choices can be endless. 

    If, however, you find a piece that is unique and of excellent quality and you can’t seem to shake the feeling in your gut that “this is it”,- go for it. 

    Because it is not every day that you will be out and about buying a vintage rug, and if you think that particular one is perfect, then it will make you happy for years to come. 

    After Finalising 

    Once you have finalised the rug that you want, be especially particular about the material. It should be far from being flimsy -it should be high quality and made of sturdy materials like silk or wool and cotton. 

    Always look for the artisan’s touch in the rug as – small imperfections make a perfect rug. Look for irregular stitches in one side, maybe a double knot, or an edge that seems a little curved. These add a character to any rug; moreover, you know that the items are made through hands and not machines.

    It is a well-known fact that many dealers sell machine-made rugs that look identical to vintage handiwork rugs. Therefore being very well save you the disappointment, and you will end up with a better rug.

    Bonus Tip 

    The important thing to know here is that vintage rug cleaning cannot be done on your own. It should be cleaned professionally, so don’t be afraid to hand it to them.?

    They know precisely what era your rug is from and what sort of cleaning chemicals to use so that the carpet is cleaned to perfection with no strands of damage on them.

    Bottom Line

    To sum it up, it’s best to have fun while also varying on choosing a vintage carpet. Once you follow the steps, selecting rugs will seem like an effortless task. So start rolling! 


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