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    It is important to note that although T-shirts are fun and easy to wear, they are often seen as people to wear. When wearing a T-shirt, the wearer must ensure that he wears and matches the T-shirt. Here are some tips to help you determine which T-shirt is right for you. You can also select from casual clothing.

    It wasn’t until the early 1800s that military problems with shirts were common, but it didn’t start to appear until the early 1920s, when Coco Chanel’s leading sports equipment was often photographed with woven clothes. (Scratch, with pearl parts, trinkets.)-As Hollywood came from the moment of Marlon Brando’s “Road to a Name” (Road to a Name), the white font changed from innocence in the 1950s Is legal. And James Dean in “Unreasonable Reasons.” Young rebels protested the Vietnam War.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that there are still so many historical, functional and fashionable clothing in modern clothing, and what is even more surprising is the style we are currently choosing. There is almost any type of tea, and advice on how to design and which tea is best for your style.


    When choosing the shape and shape of the shirt, women have many choices, and then men. Unlike men who have a lot of new styles that would be so good, women’s shirts are different. They may vary in size and cut large, so each type does not have the correct name, so when choosing a shirt that suits you, you must consider the appropriate appearance and the appearance of the display. If we see in appearance the shirts are on top.

    The first thing to realize is that T-shirts always have a softer look than shirts or dresses, so when you consider using T-shirts, don’t try to look sexy or beautiful. Then you need to consider the T-shirt, the T-shirt means casual and loose. This should always be the focus when determining which T-shirt to wear.

    In other words, women should consider a few things before buying a T-shirt: her figure, what she is confident of showing, and what she wants to send.

    Check the Occasion

    When choosing the type of T-shirt to buy, knowing when and if you will search for this is half of your skills.

    Anything that contains the word “work” (such as work or school work) is usually not a proper T-shirt activity, and any activity that requires formal or formal business is not a T-shirt activity. Voice of the USA people.

    But there are some gray areas. If you want to wear a long-sleeved T-shirt or a sleeveless T-shirt with an unconventional dryer, you can try it at very intimate or low-key activities, such as outdoor dinners or after-get off work activities.

    The strategy is to ensure that your shirt selection respects the expectations of others. With this in mind, don’t wear funeral gowns.


    No matter what your body shape is, you should choose a T-shirt that exaggerates your body shape, but don’t exaggerate it, but you must be honest and accept your body shape and don’t think that you have to follow certain standards. comply with. Find out which method is best for you and use it to your advantage.

    Always Accessorize

    The first three factors will help you choose the right T-shirt style according to your body shape and occasion. Now let’s look at the bells and whistles-accessories.

    T-shirts need some design-this is part of why they are easy to wear, but some events require more clothes on regular T-shirts, and this is what your design choice is suitable for.

    Use accessorize Watches, belts, and even bracelets or kits with one or two colors of printed shirts (or hand-painted T-shirts) can help you put the whole outfit together.

    Also keep in mind that some shirts have a natural urban feel and street feel, but if you are having a good wish to make it more casual, you can make a fashion statement, wear a dark suit for jeans, and then put on these shoes. White is tall.

    Finally, use a black leather watch with a white face and a pencil sharpener. Look! Own a game changer based on simple things like T-shirts.

    The purpose is simple: if you want a suitable T-shirt, make sure you can use it correctly. It will take your clothes to the next level.


    There is many tailoring of women?s T-shirts. You can always find a style that complements any part of the body you like. I can suggest you clothing online for the selection of T-shirt and other stuff. For example, when you like the appearance of your hands, but your confidence in the upper chest drops, you can get one Shirts that are smaller than the average size of sleeves and necklines that are usually cut. If you find that the legs are the most attractive girls are so good, you can choose a shirt with a bag that highlights your bare legs.

    Follow The Trend

    Although the current T-shirt trend needs to be considered, there will always be a casual look that will never deviate from the basic style of the basic appearance, such as a white neckline or a round black shirt. shut down.

    Never put the shoulder strap under the shoulder The line under the T-shirt should not be more than one inch from the start of the production line.

    The end of the sleeve should be between the upper half of the arm. The shirt should be tight, but it does not matter, you are wearing a shirt, not a diving suit. There will always be room for change and personal. Remember, the first reason a T-shirt looks normal and comfortable is if your shirt does not do that, please reconsider what you are wearing.

    Things People Say

    Usually, when a woman refuses an inappropriate T-shirt, she is told to wear it anyway, because “you can sleep in it?. Sleep is a time of relaxation and entertainment. Will wearing of dresses make you feel relaxed and at ease in unpopular meetings? How many pajamas does anyone need? For those who sleep in T-shirts, nightgowns (or bridal shirts) are honorable retired people.

     These people used to be popular in List A because they will not add dozens of them every day with sufficient supply. Times still a beginner. This makes you think that you can sleep completely in a shirt. Many women prefer to sleep on a vest, long pajamas or do not sleep at all.

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