7 Things To Consider To Choose The Right Glass Cutting Machine

purchase glass cutting table

Custom glass cutting is a part of the fabrication process, and the use of the right machinery helps to shape the glass meticulously. It ensures that the end product will have the correct dimensions and design.

A glass cutting machine is essential to the operations of the glass industry. Hence, you need to make an informed choice to procure effective cutting machinery, as all other processing machinery are dependent on the cutting machine. If the quality of cut glass is not up to the mark, it will lead to cutting loss, glass nesting time loss, grinding of glasses in various operations. To avoid these process and production losses, industries need to incorporate high-tech cutting machinery into their business platform.

purchase glass cutting table

Some of the most commonly used custom glass cutting equipment are CNC machines, automated cutting tables, and water jetting equipment. CNC machines are computer-controlled glass cutting machine which cuts glass with high precision. Water-jetting equipment makes use of the power of highly pressurized water to cut glass. Automated cutting tables use?carbide cutting wheels?with specific pressure based on the glass thickness to cut through it.?

A glass cutting table is an equipment that automates the glass cutting processes. It provides superior ease of use and uses an intuitive approach to cut glasses of varied thickness. It is widely used in various industries to cut glasses of different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Before you purchase glass cutting table you need to ensure that the size of the cutter, cutter area, and cutting wheels are of the correct dimensions to cut the intended glass material seamlessly.

Based on your requirements, you need to select glass cutting equipment for your commercial space. To choose the right glass cutting machinery, you need to consider the following factors.

Type Of Wheel

You need to determine the wheel type of your glass cutting machine. Selecting grinding wheels can present a challenge.?Tungsten carbide?is known to be twice as dense as steel. It is known to have a significantly longer life than steel wheels. Moreover, tungsten carbide wheels offer greater and more reproducible penetration in scoring and facilitate a more effortless opening of the scored glass. Carbide is better than steel, it can last longer, and it does not dull as fast as other metals. Ensure that the machine has durable, sharp cutting wheels that help you to make consistent and accurate scores.

Custom Grip

For a glass cutting machine that is operated with hands, it should have a custom grip that offers you comfort and flexibility. The handle should give you enough space to hold and apply pressure. It should allow you to yield the glass at different positions to increase the versatility of the glass cutting operation.


To maintain the efficiency of the glass cutting machine, you need to use any lubricator to lubricate the wheel and prevents it from becoming too hot. Proper lubrication will ensure that the wheels will give a long period of satisfactory service. The glass cutting machine can include a reservoir to hold a lubricant. The oil reservoir can automatically dispense oil so that your machine is greased at all times.


Comfort is an essential aspect which you need to consider while choosing a glass cutting machine. If you are using a handheld glass cutter machine, the grip design should sit well in your hand so that you can exert the pressure for a clean scoreline. The pistol ergonomic grip should be configured for your intended operations for lower fatigue and better scores.


The size of the glass cutter varies depending on the end-use. You need to pick a tool that you can handle deftly. You should control the tool in the right manner so that it does not cause you any harm and you are not left with any wasted material.

Cutting Range

Before you buy a tool, specify the cutting range of the material that the tool can cut. Depending on the glass thickness, you can choose a tool of the desired type. Glass cutters with swappable cutting heads allow you to cut through a more comprehensive range of glass thicknesses.


Choose a glass cutter that features a durable blade. It should have a sharp and long-lasting edge and should be able to withstand several uses without going dull. 

To Conclude:

While choosing a glass cutter, ensure that it allows you to cut through the glass with precision. Choose an advanced, versatile, high-performance glass cutting machine that will enable you to accommodate the most diverse production demands and can be used for different applications. It can incorporate reliable technology and intelligent cutting method to give you the best solution.

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