How to Choose Clay Court Tennis Shoes?

    As we all know, tennis is much more than just running around the court, it is pretty crucial to get the best tennis court shoes for yourself. However, with so many options present, it can become quite a daunting task. You do not know what factors you should look for while buying the best clay-court tennis shoes.

    But you do not need to worry buddy! I have made this complicated task easier for you. I have got you the list of the most crucial factors that you must look for while buying the right tennis shoe for yourself.

    best clay-court tennis shoes

    How to pick the right tennis shoe for yourself based on the surface?

    In tennis, there are broadly three types of surfaces:

    • Grass Surface : These surfaces are made of grasses. The way grass is laid is different for different competitions. It’s one of the most slippery surfaces to play on.
    • Clay Surface : Clay courts or clay surface for tennis are made of crushed stones, brick, and other similar materials. It is considered as one of the hardest surfaces to play on.
    • Hard Court : Hard court surfaces are made of asphalt covered with acrylic top. They are the most used surface for tennis tournaments.

    There are carpet courts too but they are rarely played on.

    All the tennis court surfaces have different challenges and you would need different tennis shoes for each surface. In this article, I will discuss factors to consider while buying Clay Court Tennis Shoes.

    Characteristics of ideal clay court tennis shoes


    The first thing to look for while buying clay court tennis shoes is grip. Clay court surfaces are smooth surfaces and do not offer much traction. Thus, even the slightest movement on a clay surface can make a huge difference.

    Hence, it is essential to ensure that the tennis shoe you are choosing offers great grip. It will help to provide you stability and more control over the games. You can even smoothly execute your sideways movements.


    Clay surfaces are pretty soft and smooth. They do not deliver much traction and stability. Therefore, choose a clay court shoe that comes with a herringbone outsole pattern. A herringbone pattern comprises a deep zig-zag pattern running across the outsole.

    The herringbone pattern provides you double benefit. It not only improves your grip on the clay but also prevents the clay from getting stuck in your shoes. It will help to prevent slipping and sliding and you can move around easily.

    More lateral support on the upper part of clay court shoe

    Clay surfaces are prone to sliding and slipping. And in some cases, you can even slip and fall. Therefore, to provide you better stability, clay court tennis shoe comes with more lateral support on their part.

    Also, the upper part is slightly tighter and is not made of mesh fabric. It gives support to your foot for side-to-side movement and prevents the clay from getting inside the shoe.


    When you run on a clay surface, clay also moves with you. And this is why using a lightweight shoe is an optimum option. Also, most clay-court tennis shoes have synthetic fiber with a thinner outsole. Thus, providing you a lightweight and flexible shoe.

    Supports lateral movements

    Unlike running, tennis involves more rigorous and sideways movements. Also, when you are playing on a clay court, baseline play is the most popular practice. Therefore, your tennis shoe must provide you stability and helps you to smoothly execute side-by-side movements.

    These were the factors that you need to consider while buying a clay court tennis shoe. Now, let us discuss some factors that are crucial for buying any kind of tennis shoe.

    Factors to look for while buying tennis shoes


    Whether you are buying a tennis shoe or any other shoe, the most crucial factor is comfort. The shoe you are buying should be able to support your foot and help you to comfortably carry out your movements.


    Always buy a tennis shoe of high-quality material. It will help to increase the service life of the shoe and will keep your foot secure.


    With so many options in the market, you can easily get great quality tennis shoes at affordable prices. 

    Game style

    Your body weight and gaming style can play a significant role in getting the right tennis shoe. For example, a lightweight tennis shoe will provide you more speed but less stability. Therefore, consider your playing style and then carefully choose the right tennis shoe for yourself.

    Wrap up

    Just like every sport requires particular shoes, different tennis surfaces require the use of specific shoes. Every shoe comes with some unique characteristics that make it suitable for a particular surface.

    Hence, to get the perfect tennis shoe, it is essential to consider all the factors of a tennis shoe before buying. Remember this to not get injured while playing!   


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