How to Box Jump while Exercising?

Box Jump:

Box jumps are jump training exercises that come under advanced plyometrics. These exercises are designed to enhance lower body strength, increase vertical jump height, and overall improve athletic performance. Love the idea of Box Jumping? Then High jumps might interest you as well. Visit this link( for the best spikes to start learning high jumps. An ideal Box jump workout jumping from the floor onto a sturdy box and landing on both feet.


Plyo box or any flat and stable surface will do at an elevated height.

Plyo box

Target Muscles:

The Box jump targets a variety of muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, calves, core, quadriceps, etc.


The utmost importance is to have a proper form. Start by standing a foot away from your box, keeping your feet hip-width apart. Swing your arms to help you push yourself off from the floor, and try to land in a semi-squat position without making a sound. Practice this until you perfect this form, and increase the challenge by targeting new heights.

Types of exercises involving box jump:

?    Simple Box Jump:

?           How to do it?

         i. Face your plyo box and stand about two feet away from it. Swing straight your arms over your head.

       ii. Pushing your hips into a hinge angle, bend your knees.

     iii. Swing your arms behind your body to gain momentum and push yourself from the floor.

     iv. Land gently in a semi-squat position, keeping your knees bent, feet flat, and hands at a distance from your chest.

       v. Stand back straight, return to starting position to complete one rep.

     vi. Repeat.

?           Target muscles: Glutes, Legs, Core

?    Box Crunch:

?           How to do it?

        i. Sit on your box, spreading your arm by the sides.

            ii. Balance your body on your butt, and bringing arms slightly out to sides, hold your palms up.

            iii. Lean your torso back by 45 degrees, and stretch your legs forward, making your body form a straight line.

            iv. Crunch your way up as your knees touch towards the chest,

            v. Return to your reclining position, which completes your one rep.

            vi. Repeat.

?           Target Muscles: Abs

?    Foot-Elevated Pike Pushups:

?           How to do it?

        i. Make your body form an upside-down V-shape by keeping your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders and feet on the top of the box.

            ii. Keeping your core stiff, bend your elbows outwards to the sides to the lower head towards the floor.

            iii. Return to starting position and complete your rep by pressing through hands to extend your arms.

            iv. Repeat.

?           Target muscles: Shoulders, arms, core.

?    Box-Over:

?                    How to do it?

        i. Stand next to a plyo box with your feet under your hips.

            ii. Bend forward and place both of your hands on top of the box.

            iii. Push with your hands, brace your core, kick your feet up and back towards glutes, and jump your entire body over to the opposite side of the box.

            iv. Reverse the movement in the same way and complete your rep by returning to the start.

            v. Repeat.

?                    Target muscles: Shoulders, chest, core, and legs.

?    Burpee- Box Jump:

?           How to do it?

        i. Stand behind a box in a squat position and place your palms in front of your width at a shoulder-width apart.

            ii. Jump your feet back to reach a full plank position.

            iii. Jump your feet in a forward direction near your hands.

            iv. Jump onto the box from a squat position.

            v. Get down from the box gently to complete your rep.

            vi. Repeat.

?           Target muscles: arms, abs, butt, and legs.

?    Step-Up to Reverse Lunge:

?           How to do it?

        i. Stand by facing your box, with hands by sides.

            ii. Engage your core by bringing your right foot up flat onto the box, and push your right heel to lift your body.

            iii. Now, move your left knee up towards your chest when your right leg extends straight.

            iv. Reverse this movement and return the left foot to the initial position, but step your right foot behind the body, lower down into the lunge, and cease the movement when legs reach 90-degree angles.

            v. Return to a standing position by pushing through your left foot, which completes your one rep.

            vi. Repeat.

?           Target muscles: Glutes, legs, core.

?    Rotational box jump:

?           How to do it?

        i. Stand to the right of your pylo box with your feet under your hips.

            ii. Lifting your arms overhead, jump up onto balls of feet.

            iii. Push hips forming a hinge position using momentum, and swing your arms behind your body.

            iv. In mid-air, turn your entire body in a perpendicular direction towards the left.

            v. Keeping your hands in front of your chest, land on the box in a slight squat position. Make sure your knees are bent, and your feet are flat.

            vi. Get back to the initial position, which completes your one rep.

   vii. Repeat.

?           Target muscles: Glutes, legs, core.

Safety and Precautions:

1.         You need to have a strong lower-body strength before trying out box jumps.

2.         Box jumps should be preceded by practicing a strength training program for a few months.

3.         Start with boxes at a low height since it’s safe for newbies and saves you from a shin injury to unforeseen falls and ACL tears.

4.         Solve your lower back issues first before you attempt box jumps.

5.         Pregnant women should get permission from their family doctor before attempting box jumps.

6.         Get down off the box gently. Do not jump.