How to become a Multimedia Developer in Kolkata?

Who are Multimedia Developers?

Every day, a large volume of material curation occurs in the media. It is hard to digest all of the information that is entering in the form of films, images, and reports at the same time. As a result, multimedia developers are put to work.

B.Sc in animation and film making

These developers are in charge of selecting media content and creating material for their specific target consumers. Multimedia developers are well-versed in a wide range of media industries. They are well-versed in animation, graphics, and, without a doubt, the various facets of media science.

To work as a multimedia developer in Kolkata, you must first obtain a B.Sc in 3D Animation and Film Making.

Multimedia courses in Kolkata

Hi-Tech Animation has one of the most sought after B.Sc in animation and film making courses in Kolkata. This course has had the history of being very popular among the aspiring students. The B.Sc course in 3D Animation offered by this institute is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). As a result, the degree is very valuable among recruiting firms and production studios.

These days, Kolkata is a center for animation and multimedia creation. With so many applications, programs, and films being created on a regular basis, the recruiting rate has skyrocketed. There are also several colleges that provide postings across India. Take, for example, Hi-Tech Animation. After completing your B.Sc degree at this school, you will be able to obtain 100% placement aid in some of the nation’s best organizations.

The top students are hired to work at Hi-Tech’s in house and globally renowned production studio. This studio also curates material for a variety of regional, national, and worldwide studios. Anyone should be tempted by such a vast number of job portfolios.

The abilities necessary to become a great multimedia developer cannot be learned on one’s own. These are talents that you will have to develop over time and will require expert assistance to master. As a result, do not abandon the goal of obtaining a B.Sc degree in order to get these courses.


The demand for animation jobs in Kolkata has exceeded all expectations in the last couple of years. These positions have exploded in popularity in the media and entertainment industries.

Career options are expanding rapidly. Animation is a rather broad discipline in and of itself. This means that as you study 3D animation, you may also pick whatever expertise you wish to pursue to advance your career.

Studying at the finest animation college is a significant benefit that students will get while learning animation. Animators who graduate from reputable colleges such as Hi-Tech Animation have a one hundred percent chance of getting a job. Until and unless they are correctly placed, all students are subjected to calls and interviews.

We wish you all the great luck for all your future career goals and endeavors. As an animator you are going to secure the most career enhancing scopes and prospects going forward.

Good Luck!

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