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Pandemic is taking its toll on life routines since the beginning of 2020. Even the gym and exercise routines could not dodge the impact of the pandemic. Gyms are locked down and outdoor yoga classes are dissolved to maintain distance. It is getting very difficult and monotonous for gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts to keep up their enthusiasm for daily exercise at home.?

track jersey

Without friends, without ambiance and equipment, gym-ming and fitness training have almost lost their appeal. As per a survey conducted by the University of Southern California, around 32% of Americans have decreased or left their exercise regime due to the effects of coronavirus. In this scenario, we can count on the following strategies to revive our enthusiasm for fitness and training.


If you want to create an ambiance of a serious gym session, then first you will have to dress like a gym-goer. Take out your gym clothes, your trainers, your running shorts, your yoga pants, and even your gym bag from that corner of your closer and get ready as if you are going out for your training.

Once you are in the appropriate attire, you will find your motivation level for the day’s routine a bit higher than in past pandemic days. Get on with your friends on Zoom and Google Meet and flaunt your enthusiasm to your friends. Motivate them as well. This ambiance will make you feel great and will make you feel ready to shed some fat.

Smart tip: Invest some in your gym attire if you can. Customize your track jersey or yoga pants so it is more attractive and personalized to your style


Splash your exercise regime with some colors and vibrancy. Do your cardio and your resistance training but add on a little dancing session in the mix. It will not only uplift your mood but it will add numbers to the calories that you are shedding. Start your workout with a dance number, and, you don’t have to be a professional dancer to do that

. It will warm you up, get you into the mood, and will raise your optimism towards your locked-down situation. There are hundreds of videos on social media that can help you set the wheels in motion. But don?t make it into a Zumba routine or aerobics. Keep it simple and fun and dance as your heart desires.

Smart tip: Learn along the way. Put on a dance tutorial of your favorite number and surprise yourself by learning all the intricate steps in a week. It would boost your energy, uplift your spirits, burn your calories, and will give you a sense of achievement that you never had before with such ease and fun.


Setting goals is key to achieve many things in life. The same goes for fitness. Blindly following a training system without setting the goals makes you feel lost whether you are training at home or the gym. Setting clear goals automatically keeps you motivated to attain them.

Turn these goals into a social activity to make it more fun. You can do it by sharing goals with your friends and getting engaged in healthy competition to reach the goal first. This strategy will not let you slow down in a pandemic situation. It will keep you motivated to achieve the goals.

Smart tip: Set easy targets. Make a proper calorie chart of your daily intake. Calorie-in calorie-out is the best approach these days when you are unable to use the equipment for intense training. Take only as many calories as you can burn by home-based exercise.?


Optimism is a natural motivator for all human kinds. As per Helen Keller, the famous deaf and blind author and activist ?Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.? Optimism makes you believe that there might be a patch of a bumpy road in life but ultimately it leads you somewhere and in order to reach that destination you must find ways to make that bumpy road as bearable as possible.

So although you are unable to join a gym and other training programs for now it will pass and this time period will lead you to a COVID-free era. Likewise, however, you are going through a bumpy road by doing your fitness exercises at home but eventually, it will lead you to the fit and healthy life that you desire.

Smart tip: Be optimistic but curb the level. Be cautious about the pandemic. Ignoring the consequences of a viral attack does not come under the umbrella of optimism.


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