How should I prepare for IB Chemistry year 1

One of the most challenging subjects in the IB Curriculum is IB Chemistry. Especially when you go to Year 1 it can be a daunting task to ace it. I have listed down my thoughts on how to do it.?

1. Reach out to resources

The very first thing which you need to do is check your course syllabus, check for defined topics which are part of the IB Chemistry syllabus. After this, certainly scope out all the resources provided and choose which you feel are best recommended and reviewed, ask your teacher or seniors. They will definitely help you out. Take a holistic view and understanding of the topics, this will help to prepare for important topics and you will refrain from wasting time on learning irrelevant topics.

2. Learning the Concept

 After identifying resources you actually need to start the learning process. The best way is to go to the class well-prepared about the topic beforehand so that you can grasp the concept and clear your doubts there itself. But if you didn’t get the time to prepare beforehand, keep a separate notebook in which you can note down all the points during the lecture and presentation. After school, you can make notes out of those and prepare a summarization for future reference.

3. Be consistent

It is essential to retain the concept you have learned. So remember to revise those concepts frequently, maybe once a week. And if you are a good learner you can go, once every two weeks. Take quizzes and practice tests to check on your learnings. This will also help you keep track of what you have learned, and you are well-prepared.

4. Prepare notes

 Write down your notes in a well-organized and systematic manner. Prepare summary notes for every topic from all different resources including various textbooks and class notes. This will help you in your last-minute revisions, and you don’t need to go through whole chapters.

5. Online help

 If you feel like your class notes and textbooks are not enough for you to understand the topic. Seek online help, you can find various online Ed tech platforms like Tribe Topper and videos on YouTube which are very brief and explain the topic in a precise manner.

6. Follow a schedule

 Do not invest all your time in studying one or a few topics. Build a strategy and divide your syllabus into the number of hours required to study the specific topic. Like Stoichiometric relationships, this topic requires approximately fourteen hours of effort to complete, which I guess is enough time to complete if studied at a consistent pace.

7. Practice equations and diagrams

 Diagrams are oftentimes essential and the most reliable method to form your answers in Chemistry. Practice them very frequently, so that you may not forget them. Practice diagrams of atomic structure and their bonds. It is possible that you will forget the equations if you will only read them. The best way for learning equations might be by writing them several times while learning or revising. This way you won’t forget or miss any diagram or any equation.

8. Set targets

 While studying for IB, you must schedule your course structure in a target-oriented manner. Setting daily targets is the best way to prepare and this will also help you take track of your achievements. If you are not able to achieve your set targets, don?t panic. Check with your progress and work on the area you lack. Sometimes, you may set your targets too high, make sure you set your target accordingly. Persistence is the key, keep trying, be patient, and you will definitely achieve.

9. Give yourself a reward

It is certainly studied that rewarded tasks have relatively best results when they are not provided with an incentive. Reward yourself either with your favorite web content or sports or food or whatever you feel like will re-energize you to again continue with your progress with more motivation and dedication.

10. Stay fit

Drink a lot of water and eat healthily. A healthy lifestyle will keep you mentally and physically fit. This way you won’t miss any class. Staying healthy will also motivate you to stick on to your timetable, and you will be able to achieve your daily targets.

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