How a Locksmith Can Help You When You Don?t Have the Keys You Need

Losing the keys to your vehicle, house, or office can be very frustrating. It not only makes you worried but can also be a big hassle. So, what should you do when you face such a scenario? It is obvious that you will need an alternate key when the original one is lost or stolen. This is why calling a locksmith is the best option when you lose your keys. Trying to gain access to your property yourself without having access to necessary tools will only damage your locks and won?t be fruitful at all. So, save yourssself from the hassle of dealing with a damaged lock and hire a locksmith. A locksmith is a trained person who will help you get back access to your residential property, commercial one, or vehicle by making a duplicate key for you. Getting a duplicate key is not the only solution, as a good locksmith knows of various ways to help out his clients when they lose their keys. Some of these ways are discussed in detail below. So, let?s have a look at them.

1- Opening the Locks

Lockouts are terrible, and when you get stuck with one, your last hope is a locksmith. But how a locksmith takes you out of this situation is a question that is going to be answered now. A locksmith can easily open any kind of lock by using the right equipment. If it?s a traditional lock, a locksmith usually has spare keys that easily open it. However, if the spare keys don?t fit properly, he will use other techniques such as incision to break through a lock. If you have smart locks installed in a house, he can crack the code without any hurdle to give you access to your house.

2- Lock Replacement

When a locksmith cuts through a lock to open it or dissembles the code to break through, the locks might need replacement. Even if you find the keys afterward, they will be useless and won?t fit in with the lock. Hence in this situation, a locksmith can provide you with lock replacement. Sometimes when people don?t have the time to wait for a locksmith, they break the lock and then call the locksmith afterward and get the lock replaced. 

3- Key Cutting and Duplication

Key cutting and duplication is another area of expertise of a professional locksmith. Normally this is the method adopted during a lockout situation where a locksmith can make a duplicate key for you. In the case of conventional locks, this is the most common method and is widely used. While in the case of smart locks, breaking the code is the only option. A locksmith has a master key already available most of the time, but if it isn?t present, he can make one right at the spot. Key cutting is normally done with two methods:

  • Key Cutting by Hand

In this type, a locksmith makes a new key by using smart tools. He inserts an incision tool inside the locking mechanism that gives him the key’s impression. Then he cuts the spare key with a blade according to the impression of the original key.

  • Key Cutting by a Machine

Key cutting can be done with the help of a machine as well. Professional locksmith carry key cutting machines with them that are designed to perfectly make duplicate keys.?

4- Rekeying a Lock

Not having the right key for a lock is also frustrating. However, a locksmith in this situation again makes his presence worthy as he can provide you with the rekeying service. Rekeying a lock means changing the lock’s mechanism according to the new key. Once this is completed, the lock will no longer operate from the previous keys. If you have spare keys that have no link with the lock, you can hire a locksmith to rekey the lock according to the spare keys.

5- Key Programming for Automobiles

For automobiles that operate from a chip, key duplication is useless. Moreover, even if the locksmith opens the lock, the car won?t start anyway without the chip. Therefore during a car lockout, when you don?t have the key you need, you must hire a locksmith that can provide you with key programming services. Since programming is the main factor, a locksmith will provide you with a programmed key that will help open the car lock and eventually start your car.

So, the above-mentioned are some of the ways in which a mobile locksmith can help you when you lose your keys. Many people try to open the locks themselves and end up damaging them. But you must avoid doing this and always hire professional help to avoid any inconvenience you may face afterward.?

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