How Hotel Digital Signage Engage your Guests and Improve Experiences

Meta Description: Digital signage for hotels can be a great tool to improve the guest experience. Check out this article, here we have listed some ways about how hotel digital signage engage your guests and improves experiences.

The main challenge that the hospitality industry comes across is to attain those extra stars and the expectations of the guests which can only happen when hotels improve the overall guest experience of the guests and their overall engagement. 

Over the years of extensive research and looking for ways and means to improve the engagement levels of the guests, the Hotel industry has finally found the perfect communication tool – Digital signage for hotels to drastically improve interaction and make the visitors feel comfortable while enjoying the stay.?

Continue reading the blog as we have mentioned a few ways in which you can use digital signage for hotels  to engage your guests more throughout their stay and to improve their experience. 

Let?s get started!

Ways In Which Digital Signage for Hotel  Can Engage & Improve The Overall Experience Of Your Guests 

  • Give The Hotel Premises A Modern Touch?

The first thing that visitors notice while entering the hotel premises is its looks. Apart from the welcome at the reception, visitors are quite observant towards the aesthetics of the hotel. 

Digital signage has quite an attractive presence and it is quite difficult to ignore its vibrancy. Moreover, it gives visitors a feeling of choosing a hotel that is technologically advanced with modern looks. 

Placing digital signage at the entrance, reception, or the lobby area of the hotel displaying stunning visuals or high definition videos or vlogs highlighting the main areas of the hotel and places to visit in the city can gain the attention of the users and lead to more engagement. 

  • Leverage Social Wall To Increase Engagement?

If you wish to maximize the efficiency of digital signage, then you can attain the same by incorporating a social wall on digital signage. 

Just like digital signage, a social wall is equally engaging, interactive and is meant to increase communication. 

To garner the attention of the guests, you can conduct an activity by creating a selfie station in the open lawn, the swimming pool, or outside the spa and motivate the guests to click pictures or make videos or gifs and post them on their social media handle using the hotel?s hashtag. 

All the content can further be aggregated using a social media aggregator and can be displayed on the digital signage. 

Such an activity can be extremely effective and boost the engagement of the users. Seeing the published content of other visitors on digital signage, the visitors who are yet to participate will also be compelled and motivated to be a part of the activity. 

  • Display the Reviews & Testimonials Of Your Visitors?

One amazing way of using digital signage for hotels is to display what your visitors experienced and their stay in the hotel. 

You can collect content from various platforms like Google reviews, Yelp, Facebook and showcase the enjoyable experiences of your visitors at your hotel. 

This content is not only engaging but also will instill faith in your visitors and they will instantly feel more connected and confident about the hotel since the content displayed is authentic and genuine and created by the previous visitors of the hotel. 

  • Showcase Menu And Promotional Offers?

A hotel premise generally has a restaurant, bar, and other additional facilities. One good way to upsell the other promotional or latest deals to the visitors is by displaying the details on digital signage. 

You can give details about the ongoing deals in the hotel bar, special membership offers, combo offers, spa details, and timings, etc. 

Additionally, you can show the updated menu at the restaurant with drool-worthy pictures. Gone are the days when visitors used to go through the traditional menus and select their preferred dish. 

It?s the digital era and the menus need to go digital too! 

Moreover, it saves on the extra printing and editing costs as you can update and make changes on digital menus as and when needed. 

  • Easy Navigation

The visitors visiting the hotel are generally exhausted and tired by the time they reach the hotel premises.

In such a situation, if they are unable to navigate the way easily, it might lead to irritation and frustration and it may leave a negative impression of the hotel. 

To avoid such situations, you can incorporate a digital map on digital signage for the guests to easily locate the place where they wish to go. 

A proper digital map located outside the hotel, inside the lobby, and showing the location to the different facilities can help guests to look forward to their visit and would instill excitement within them throughout their visit.

Closing Note 

Digital signage for hotels can completely transform the stay of the visitors and make it much more engaging and exciting. 

We have reached the end of the blog and you are now well aware of the significance and the various ways in which it can be used to improve the visitor experience and help you gain those extra shiny stars from them!