How a Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon Determines New Content Ideas?

As a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, you are donning various hats. You are not just a PPC expert; you also have authority in content marketing and can strive to achieve excellence through SEO strategies. Marketers are gradually exploring the vast expanse of this world and identifying their niche.

However, the one thing that most marketers are struggling with happens to be creating good content. It is essential to attract and engage your potential customers with content solutions. Here, we will take you through the different methods by which you can determine worthy content ideas for your business. 

The Google Image Tab Keywords

This is a worthy place to look for practical content ideas. Your search for specific relevant keywords and hit the images tab on Google. Here you will see a wide range of tabs that tell you what content interests your audience.?

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There are two things you get with this search method:

  • The intent of the person
  • The types of searches the user might carry out

This will give you many content ideas that you can then pen down and write upon to grab your niche’s attention. 

The Reddit Keyword Tool

This is an exciting tool for a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon to determine content ideas. In this tool, you don’t get to research keywords alone; you get to see hot topics around the key phrases you are considering. 

It will show you what people in your niche are discussing and their questions. Just enter the niche or sub-niche you want to write about, and get suggestions from the tool. It is an incredible way to determine what topics to write. 

The Backlinks Report

The backlinks report tells you enough about the pages and blog posts that people are linking their content pieces. It helps know which niche highly regards backlinks or content type. You will know what kind of content ranks higher and is in sync with your target market’s interest. You can even analyze these reports to create your content.

For example, after thorough analysis, you might even know why content ranks. You can also create topics surrounding content creation and optimization with the help of these reports. 

Use the Tools

There are different topic-finding tools available online that you can use to find topics and write your content. For instance, topic-finding tools like UberSuggest make your life relatively easy. You can enter your keyword into the search bar and find the issues your user wants to read about.

These tools try to find out the ranking and the competitiveness of these keywords, making it easier for you to know if they will rank.

From the Blog Comments

This is an untapped world where you will find exclusive topic ideas on which you can write entire blogs and posts. Let’s say you are reading a blog in your niche, and you see people commenting about the things missing in the blog. You will find ideas for your next topic in them.

There is also a good chance people will argue about certain aspects of the topic, which you can convert into another blog. These comments help you identify issues that connect with the target audience and are competent for the market. 

The Competition Video Analysis

Not many people go through this hack to create excellent content for their niche. You would have a competition to create exciting videos for their target audience. For instance, you will have youtube and Instagram reels to go through.

You need to add them to your research sheet and conduct an in-depth analysis. Eventually, you will notice several topic ideas hidden in these videos. You can create several topics across your calendar with these ideas. 

You need to analyze and identify the topics with the highest number of views to conclude adding them to your content calendar

Landing Page Report

When you look through the Google analytics report, you will know which landing pages create the most viral connection with your audience. It is essential to read through this report in detail, as it will tell you more about the audience’s intent and help you know about their search abilities.

Eventually, you will know the topics that the audience is interested in.

As a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, you need to find the best topics for content creation to achieve your marketing goals. Make sure you work your way around strategies that involve creating competent and efficient content for your audience.?